Where the Fight for Freedom’s Being Fought


Flat out, listen, anyone paying attention around the globe gets that America’s going through some pretty tumultuous times.

Aren’t we all…

For sure, but we can also agree almost no one’s becoming MORE free outside the corporate/political oligarchy…White, Black, Russian, Latino, Asian, German, French, Polish, Muslim, Man, Woman, Christian, Gay, Straight, Up, Down, Left, Right,…whatever!

And love or hate it, what’s detrimental to me in the US of A, influences our entire human family.

So here’s the deal, if I were to ask you, yes YOU, all you international citoyens out there,

“Where do you see some real push-back, legitimate resistance against globalist power?”

What would you say?

Where do you witness REAL resistance within the bounds of a constitutional framework, legally, outside mere YouTube chatter?


Naw…please, the Politically Correct mouton are taking over campuses to the chagrin of our forefathers/mothers going back to original scholarium. As a writer I can honestly tell you I’m seeing the seeds of 21st Century Fascism taking root (although ignorantly) with the U.S. higher education system where I myself received a watered down liberal degree back in 07.

Law and order?

Ugh…don’t get me started. It’s going to be one of the most cringe-worthy elements of our era in my daughter’s eyes decades from now.

Human health and medicine?

Oh…it’s so ugly folks. What…the …!

The press? Freedom of speech, thought and righteous expression?

Pffft. So sad. We’ve all witnessed since roughly 2001 the web-based “Alternative Media” sprout up in response to the utter demise of conventional media. While I’m a fan of what internet journalism’s become, I wince at what mainstream narratives actively and consciously push. Week by week I hear of more things/concepts/ideas, etc. being banned, censored, and bowdlerized. To what end…

Religious freedom?

Nope. You gotta to be kidding!


If you want to experience some real liberty being exercised in The Land of Liberty, come visit me in Washington State bitches. I’ll grab you by the hand and walk you into a local Recreational Marijuana dispensary. Is it perfect? Hell no. But given the context….

Is it all about “Getting High”…how about getting real?

Does the average person have access to potent Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Yes, but so few know it which is really hard for a guy like me to swallow. Folks are FINALLY pushing back and if it surprises you at the center of it all is a green plant, then that sucks for you. Did you know ordinary people are being sent to prison for selling/giving the sick (or healthy) a natural plant extract that’s curing, healing, and saving human life?

While pharmaceutical companies make billions pandering their own…quasi…plant extracts. Different plants though.

Cannabis. Google it! Hemp, I command you to rediscover it NOW humanity!

Google the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) or check out our CBD Research page. Head on over to the Hemp News page on our site or the kick ass Hemp News Facebook page that should have millions of likes by now! WAKE UP!

Stop stomping in the streets with paramilitary troops and start marching for fertile hemp farms.

Please, if you want “deprogramming” then look at the history of cannabis (which means both Industrial Hemp as well as Marijuana) and your country whether you be French, Chinese, Chilean, American, Cambodian, Swedish, Norwegian, or Persian…whatever, HUMANITY.

Can somebody please tell me why Alex Jones isn’t selling a CBD-rich industrial hemp tincture or something yet? Come on…the plant that’s going to break humanity free from the NWO’s steel cages is called Hemp. Alex’s stuff’s great, but why isn’t he championing CBD and hemp?

You might want to look into it all you Info Warriors.

The symbiosis between our lifeforms and that of cannabis will absolutely astound you.

Point here is, if you’re reading this I implore you to stop paying so much mind to the sideshow and economic theatrics for 5 minutes. I’m humbly beckoning you to focus your attention on the Cannabis plant. How is that weird compared to what this crazy world’s got you focusing on?

I just spent thirty minutes in a cab full of people (seriously?) arguing whether Clinton or Trump should be president…/facepalm x 100,000! For the love of…I dare you to see eye-to-eye with our equal in the plant kingdom. As dolphins are our equals in la mer, in the universe of plants there’s nothing else like the cannabis genus.

Tonight I Saw a Homeless Man…

Sleeping in the freezing  cold (seriously, beside a mound of ice cubes tossed days before that haven’t melted yet) beside a fucking Starbucks.

I walked outside to take a breath from studying French and there’s this “homeless” sentient creature shivering himself to sleep in like +/-30 degree temperature.

Know what’s really crazy though? As I stood there, shocked, looking at his lump curled up on what resembled an orange sleeping bag, do you know what I wished I had to give him?


Huh? What?

Yeah…that’s right. A full syringe of pure, organic, concentrated hemp paste. Unfortunately I don’t carry them on me.

If I did it would’ve been 1000x better than the Venti Green Tea I got the Starbucks people to give this poor chap (apparently there are no shelters on my little island). But why? Why a syringe full of a plant extract? Why not a wod of cash? Why not a “proper” college education or a F’ing laptop?

Because he’s a system in need of optimization. That man’s body and mind have been frazzled by the same weight of societal dysfunction that’s bogging us all down, stomping out our potential.

  • I first thought to give him peace of mind and empowerment in a way you’ll only truly understand when you take but a smidgen of your life to investigate cannabinoid science.
  • I sought to give him release from this completely bankrupt and fraudulent paradigm that rewards corporations with zillions, while his life is left out in the cold.
  • My first reaction was to lighten his burden on the cellular level folks.
  • Hemp is the answer, prove me wrong!

Support the Cannabis Movement

Here’s the deal, I’m absolutely convinced that if you study the historical relationship between our species and the cannabis plant for but one single hour of your life, you’ll join us.

You’ll join the last good fight we’ve got left before plunging back into a Dark Age.

You’ll find a way to help, in some fashion, the societal acceptance of industrial hemp farming in America, throughout Europe, fucking everywhere there’s GMO crops to replace.

You’ll manifest an avenue that helps Endocannabinoid Science leap forward with the same vigor as Wall Street criminals and their algorithmic theft.

You’ll put your conscience behind de-funding completely dysfunctional and corrupted bureaucracies and support the legalization of human health and wellness.

No ballots need casting.

No papers need be signed.

No legitimate leader need stand up to the precipice and face a drone firing squad.

All you have to do is but educate yourself and put your umph behind what’s right through the money in your pocket.

Buy hemp.

Legalize Cannabis, completely, and fully, and watch the battered down flower of free market democracy open like a rose in spring. Hemp’s got over 10,000 uses to get us started. Happy New Years 2016 Humanity… and may you as quickly as possible understand there won’t be too many Happy New Years left if YOU, yes, YOU, don’t stand up.

And if you happen to be looking for a field to draw a line in, choose a hemp field.


The Hemp For Fitness Crew