Water Soluble CBD: A Breakthrough in CBD Oil Bioavailability


After planet-sized injections of capital into the CBD oil market over the last few years, there’s been a very serious breakthrough!

Here’s the deal though, it goes way beyond CBD oil. Their remarkable innovation’s already shaking up everyone from mainstream vitamin and independent supplement companies to global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical brands.

We are excited to announce our revolutionary delivery technology to the world…

Dr. Mewa Singh , Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at EAD Labs (Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries) made the announcement accompanied by CEO James Sol Radina back in early July 2015.

We have developed a method to encase a molecule or compound inside an all-natural molecule of curcumin and build a hybrid molecule that makes an insoluble formulation into a water soluble powder. In short, this discovery leads to a new generation of hybrid formulations of two molecules to attack a disease more effectively and safely. Both molecules have synergistic and potentiating effects on each other, also becoming 100% bioavailable.

Have a look for yourself, this is their viral video demonstration:

Next Generation CBD: BioCBD+

First, let’s talk about the three primary challenges of mainstream CBD oil as it’s been up until now.

  1. Low Bioavailability: whether in crude oil form or injected into a brownie. Oil is oil so your body only gets roughly 10% of what it ingests.
  2. Low Uniformity: meaning that conventional supplies may have uneven CBD distribution within the formulation matrixes; some servings more potent than others.
  3. Oxidation: whenever an oil is exposed to oxygen it begins to breakdown which can cause CBD oil in many forms to start smelling and tasting (#1 consumer complaint) less pleasant.

What EAD Labs has done is create a way to transform the critical compounds found in CBD along with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs into really tiny water soluble nanoparticles. As you see in the video this means that the CBD is instantly delivered and easily transported through the blood.

It also means that there’s no need for the glycerin, solvents, detergents, or harsh chemicals that can be involved in the creation/production of popular CBD oil products. Each of them only trying to increase bioavailability, to make the medicine more effective.

Through water solubility they become unnecessary. So the medicine is more efficient, sustainable, safer, and cost-effective. You simply don’t need as much CBD, dosages can be far smaller, when it’s 90-100% bioavailable.

What’s With the Nanotechnology and Curcumin?

Think about it like this. They’ve taken the CBD molecules and then encased them in all natural herb-based curcumin compounds to create new nano-sized hybrid molecules that dissolve in water.

It’s worth noting that the curcumin used in BioCBD products is completely clean, non-gmo, and organic. They’ve got lab tests galore that prove not only purity, but potency as well which includes distribution levels throughout the samples.

Common Uses of Curcumin

To be frank, this is an herbal remedy that’s been used for untold generations. There are a rather large number of uses, but let’s focus on the five heavy hitters that are widely recognized today:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduces Tumors
  • Fights Cancer
  • Immune Booster

So each dosage of BioCBD+ water soluble CBD provides a double whammy of natural earth-derived medicine. With this discovery it’s no surprise that suddenly the FDA is beginning to shift its focus on classifying CBD as a drug. Let’s look at the three BioCBD+ flagship products taking the world by storm.

Introducing The New CBD Industry Standard: Rapid Response Gel!

Water Soluble CBD Rapid Response GelFast acting and tasty…finally! The gel is complimented by the delicious flavor of mango and as of right now the most concentrated form of CBD available.

We always use CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp plants, and it contains all of the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other compounds of the original plant.

You’ll place a 1ml drop of the gel under your tongue to begin absorption, then once you swallow a minute or so later it dives directly unheeded into the digestive tract where it will then be taken to where it’s needed most.

The BioCBD+ Topical Cream for Muscle & Joint Relief

Water Soluble CBD Muscle and Joint Relief CBd Topical CreamWe’re talking organic CBD cream that you don’t need a prescription for because right now it’s still classified as a dietary supplement.

EAD labs combines a blend of highly-tested hemp oil derived from ideal hemp cultivation climates around Europe, eucalyptus, ginger, some of the curcumin we spoke about, along with White Willow bark and of course CBD.

What really sets this topical cream apart of course is the water soluble CBD. This means the CBD molecules are easily absorbed and utilized by your joints and soft muscle tissues. It’s also raw, vegan-friendly, gluten free, non-gmo, and free of nuts and artificial coloring.

BioCBD+ Muscle & Joint Support Capsules

Water Soluble CBD Muscle and Joint Support Capsules

The exact ingredients of each water soluble CBD capsule are as follows:

  • Water soluble BioCBD
  • Curcumin
  • Saffron
  • Magnesium
  • Starch
  • Cellulose

Some people just prefer capsules over topical creams and they may not need the really fast acting Rapid Response Gel. Tripe-tested for purity and dramatically enhanced by Dr. Mewa Singh’s Hybrid Nanoengineering you get precision balanced servings and can feel the difference.

How to Get Started with Water Soluble CBD

Immunities. Over time your body will begin building up tolerances to just about anything you put into it so you’re better off having multiple inputs:

  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Gels

The beauty of it is that with these advanced forms of bioavailable CBD you need much less of the stuff. In essence 10mg is as potent as 100mg of insoluble CBD oil. However, if you’re just now starting to use CBD at all, period, you may want to consider using the less bioavailable (potent) forms and then ease your body into using BioCBD+.

So you could start off with CBD botanicals, vaping, enjoying oils and edibles, then once your body begins building tolerances phase in BioCBD+ products.

Is BioCBD+ the same as CBD Isolate?

No. BioCBD+ isn’t a concentrate, it’s just more bioavailable. Furthermore, isolates don’t typically come with what’s known as the entourage effect. CBD is best delivered, like many other vitamins and minerals, with a host of other components that potentiate each other.

What are the THC Levels of BioCBD+?

All we have to do is look at their lab results and we’ll see that there are undetectable levels of THC making each product legal in all 50 states as well as 42 countries and counting.


Are you excited? Just think about water solubility is going to impact medicine in general, along with sports supplementation, and pharmacokinetics. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t hesitate to leave them in comments below so we can get a social conversation stirring and bringing tons of attention to these products.