The Best Hemp Oil for Massage Therapy


If you’re looking for the best all natural hemp oil to enhance your therapeutic touch leaving your customers feeling even better then you’ve got to check this out.

First, let’s briefly go through the primary reasons hemp massage oil is probably the #1 best oil to add to your spa or personal massage therapy practice.

  • Good Absorption Rate: Truth is a little hemp oil goes a long ways. While it’s got a light silky smooth texture it takes a bit to fully absorb, dries slowly, and spreads nicely. Better than lotion, not sticky, oily, greasy, or super slippery and feels more natural to the skin.
  • Shelf Life: While these 100% organic plant-based ingredients don’t have a super-long shelf life (unopened bottles, when stored correctly can last over a year), you’ll find customers love it so much that wasted product is never an issue. For massage therapists and spas, hemp oils are a hidden money maker gem.
  • Doesn’t Stain Sheets: Nothing to worry about here. No staining at all, easy to wash out of clothes and sheets.
  • Aromatic: Whether you choose the ultra-mild neutral scent or go with heavenly lemon scented, hemp oil can be used itself as an aromatic oil or a fabulous base for other essential oils used in aromatherapy.
  • No-THC: Don’t confuse industrial hemp oil with hash oil. There’s well below legal THC limits in these oils, so they’re 100% legal in all 50 states because you cannot get high. You could bath in hemp oil and not feel the slightest bit “high” whatsoever.

But we’re just getting warmed up. Here’s the line and then we’ll go into all the extra benefits of using hemp oil.

Introducing the Cannabios Hemp Massage Oil Line

Cannabios Hemp Massage Oil Line

Leave your clients’ skin feeling soft, moisturized, nourished on the cellular level, rejuvenated, and provide the maximum restorative effect. Perfectly suited for deep tissue and trigger point massages.

Hemp Massage Oil Ingredients

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Organic Wheat Germ Oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Lemon Citrus Oil (only in lemon scented bottle, not in neutral of course)
  • Organic Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  • Organic Hemp Oil

Both the 200 and 500ml bottles have spill-safe tops so you can easily control how much product you use and get the absolute most out of your investment.

Hemp Massage Oil Bottle Tops

The extra value comes from a specific component, or extract, of the hemp plant known as Cannabidiol (CBD). It’s a phytocannabinoid that’s becoming more established and well-documented in western medical science literature by the month.

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that protects and repairs skin cells, goes deep into soft tissue, relieves stress and pain, and dramatically adds to a peaceful-calm state of mind.  Now, it doesn’t cause any kind of “high” but without a doubt your clients will notice a big difference in how they feel and how their bodies positively react in comparison to other common massage oils.

Try a bottle of Cannabios hemp massage oil and experience it dramatically add to the value of your spa or private massage therapy practice. You won’t be disappointed. Use the link below to see our selection of Trompetol & Cannabios.

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