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Trompetol Organic Hemp Leaf 40g Bag


Enjoy sweet-raw specialty cultivars of organically grown hemp leaf inflorescences – hemp seeds, whole hemp flowers, and sun-dried hemp leaves and stalks ideal for hemp tea!

It doesn’t get more “From the Sunny Hemp Field to the Cup” than this ladies and gents. Quench your healthful search for soul soothing and spirit satisfying hemp tea with this high-quality hemp leaf bundle from Trompetol.

Hemp Leaf Product Features

  • Size: 40g of organically and sustainably grown, then hand-selected and packaged hemp leaf from the Czech Republic per bag.
  • Rarity: Low Seed dioecious variety brimming with healthy micro-nutrients, essential oils, fatty acids, choline, and more.
  • Non-Psychoactive: Leaf comes from industrial hemp authorized/certified to be grown, harvested, and processed in the EU – contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Non-Caffeinated: No added flavors, synthetics, or preservatives. It’s just pure whole hemp leaf.
  • Organic: Grown in organic soil, sun-dried, hand-harvested, selected, and packaged. Trompetol is also a part of an EU sustainable agriculture initiative.
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Trompetol Organic LS Raw Hemp Leaf for Sweet Herbal Heaven

For a Hemp-Healthy Lifestyle

While a popular use of this hemp leaf is steeping for hemp tea, you can perform any number of culinary wonders with it! Toss some hemp leaves into your salads, grind it up and sprinkle the powder into your smoothies, or transform it into a completely non-psychoactive hemp oil and make butter, brownies, and hemp-infused sweets, pastries, snacks and munchies.

Hemp is one of the best plants on planet earth for a large array of well-known reasons. Ingredients are important, and hemp’s one of the best, so to know that your hemp leaf comes from organic industrial EU hemp is reassuring.

Remember to Add Fat!

Remember, the full spectrum hemp content in this organic hemp leaf isn’t water soluble. To increase bioavailability (absorption) you must add some kind of fat to whatever you create, whether it be butter or hemp tea. With tea it’s easy to add some almond or even hemp milk, anything with fat molecules.

What to Expect from Hemp Tea

The raw hemp leaf is obviously much lower in phytonutrients than concentrated and extracted forms. However, like any herbal tea or common herb you can expect it to be,

  • Soothing
  • Aromatic
  • Easy to digest
  • Non-psychoactive (this product contains less than 0.3% THC)

1 review for Trompetol Organic Hemp Leaf 40g Bag

  • 5 out of 5

    Best online tea product ever!

    (verified owner)

    • Thanks, Mary . There are so many great benefits to this tea. My clients use it for pain relief , effects effects, Extraction, ( REPRODUCTION ), bioavailability with milk etc..

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