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Tim’s Tonic CBD Oil: From Family Farm Hemp


Tim’s Tonic oil is a unique full spectrum formulation of industrial hemp phytocannabinoids!

Tim’s Tonic hemp CBD drops get their CBD extract from industrial Cherry hemp grown by Tim himself on his European farms. The extract is in MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) extracted from coconut for a better, smoother natural flavor. And, the body requires a good fat to synthesize or process cannabinoids like CBD, so it might as well be a healthy fat!

  • Ingredients: MCT Oil from Coconut, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Mint Flavoring.
  • 15ml bottle contains 975mg of CBD/65mg per serving.
  • 25ml bottle contains 4500mg CBD/150mg per serving.

What do we mean by ‘full spectrum’ hemp extract? It means in addition to cannabidiol, or CBD, it includes the plant’s natural range of cannabinoids and their acidic forms like CBDA, CBC and CBCA, CBG and CBGA, etc., and under the legal amount of THC (microscopic traces; non-psychoactive!).



Tim’s Tonic CBD oil is made with family farm industrial hemp concentrate. What really makes it special though, is that it comes from our friend Tim’s very own Cherry hemp farms plus Pine Bark Extract. Lab tested to ensure quality, it not only tastes great but it’s what it says it is – you know? – ‘full spectrum’ which is just a fancy word forced on us by governing bodies which means it’s ‘plant in a bottle.’

Tim’s hemp plants provide a great array of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, so you’ll find it a valuable addition to your herbal supplementation cabinet. Here’s a screenshot from recent lab results for one batch, showing the amount of CBD, it’s acidic form, CBDA, and a dash of CBN or cannabinol.

Tim's Tonic CBD Oil Profile

Keep in mind we test each batch of Tim’s Tonic CBD oil, or the hemp concentrate, to ensure THC levels are under the legal limit. For the batch above, that turned out to be 0.21%, well below the 0.3% limit making it industrial-grade, not psychoactive. So it won’t make you groggy, or feel intoxicated in any way.

Hopefully, soon legislative reform will lessen the need for such costly international testing (on both sides) to decrease costs for consumers. Once industrial hemp farming is legal in America, consumers will very quickly have access to TONS of farmers like Tim from Sea to Shining Sea! And in most farmer’s homes, once again, you’ll find little bottles like these they make themselves for their families. Even then, we’ll still be proud to provide access to our European neighbors’ herbal products. Enjoy Tim’s! With our Exclusive Pine Bark Extract.

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4500mg, 975mg


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