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Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil at 2550mg – 8500mg -42500mg per vial. (85%)-(89%)


Available Sizes of our full spectrum hemp oil: 3g, 10g,50g

Please call for all inquiries over 50g.

From our family to yours.” We happily use this full spectrum hemp oil ourselves and without hesitation give it to our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and children. It’s basically nothing more than raw hemp paste, making it far easier on the gut than trying to chomp down the plant form.

  • Clean: 100% caustic solvent free, pesticide free, fungus and bacteria free, environmentally harvested, certified, and produced using modern methods.
  • Non-Psychoactive: This full spectrum hemp oil contains  Zero (()) THC, meaning it cannot intoxicate you.
  • Reliable: Every batch of our phyto-rich hemp oil products are tested for consistency and the potency of the plant’s natural non-psychoactive compounds.
  • Simple: Our products are designed and packaged professionally to make them easy to use at home, even for those not familiar with hemp-based extracts.


Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, 2550mg, and 8500mg,42500mg

Our full spectrum hemp oil is…

  • Caustic solvent free.
  • Fungus and bacteria free.
  • Pesticide and herbicide free.
  • Contains No THC

Hemp For Fitness provides high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil products using oil that’s extracted through a modern supercritical CO2 process for various applications.

Our full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the stalks of industrial hemp farming sustainably and environmentally in the Czech Republic where hemp has been farmed for thousands of years. Organically grown industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant within the cannabis species which has since ancient times been used for its oil and fiber. This hemp oil is produced for human consumption but shouldn’t be confused with marijuana. Both plants share the genus, Cannabis Sativa L., but our hemp has extremely low TO NONE, trace amounts of THC and can’t intoxicate you.

  • Absolutely no added ingredients, fillers, flavorings, or preservatives.
  • Form: It’s like a raw plant paste, or concentrate.
  • 3ml syringe / 2550mg full Spectrum Hemp – 10ml syringe /85000 mg  -50mL Syringe/ 42,500mg Full Spectrum Hemp syringe
  • Available Sizes: 3g, 10g, 50g Please call for all inquiries over 60 grams
  • Decarboxylated: Yes

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10g, 3g, 50g


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