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High-Performance Hemp Vape Oil with Saffron & Kava Kava 50mg


Natural Happiness™ Hemp Vape Oil cartridge: Pure Hemp Extract with Saffron & Kava Kava 50mg

Smooth-hitting, elegant and easy to use, each of our hemp vape oil cartridges deliver potent doses of saffron/Kava Kava and phytonutrients like natural terpenes from sustainably grown specialty cultivars of industrial hemp plants.

Saffron is an ancient, ideal plant-based partner to hemp because of its own terpene profile and well-documented ability to promote human health and fitness.

  • Enhance your vape with a potent full spectrum hemp complex!
  • Below 0.3% THC to adhere to strict US & EU standards.
  • Concentrate professionally C02 extracted for highest quality.
  • 100% organic, with absolutely no additives, glycols, or glycerine.
5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
1 review


Why a Full Spectrum Hemp Vape Oil with Saffron & Kava Kava?

Potent hemp vape oil together with saffron & Organic Kava Kava extract is (in our humble opinion) unparalleled micro-nutrition. We’re fanatics around here when it comes to quality hemp products, so in our gallant search for the perfect hemp vape oil partner we chose saffron & Organic Kava Kava extract.

Marjan, the owner of Hemp for Fitness LLC, is from a close-knit Persian family headed by her father, a lifelong holistic doctor. Saffron, as it turns out in many studies has also proven to be an exceptional plant…

It’s All About a Phyto-Tastic Vape

As an endocannabinoid system (ECS) targeting duo, hemp vape oil Kava Kava and saffron pack a powerful nature-punch that’s healthy, safe, and isn’t toxic.

Our elegant hemp vape oil with saffron & Kava Kava comes in a high-end .6ml cartridge that’s incredibly simple to use, even for vape-newbies. It’s specifically designed for our whole hemp plant extracts to deliver an incredible Hemp-Saffron/Kava Kava entourage effect – phytocannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes, and all the other natural compounds of these two plants.

  • A potent full spectrum hemp oil with less than 0.3% THC per .6ml cartridge; hemp extract derived from the stalks of organic industrial hemp plants grown legally and sustainably in the Czech Republic under EU standards.
  • We adhere to all US importation regulations and manufacture domestically.
  • Our hemp vape oil is tested and heavily screened at SC Laboratory for quality during production to ensure every product shipped is in perfect working order.


1 review for High-Performance Hemp Vape Oil with Saffron & Kava Kava 50mg

  • 5 out of 5

    Very nice product. Did not taste harsh like other oils I have tried.

    (verified owner)

    • Thank you Richard –
      Please call me for a Coupon code for your next purchase.
      use – hff10code

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