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Get This Classy Hemp Vape Pen from Hemp For Fitness!


Dual-purpose, sleek, stylish, and realistic, our elegant hemp vape pen comes in 6 different color variants and really writes!

Vaping hemp oil or extract or ecig e-liquid will be so much more convenient and easier because absolutely no one will be able to tell it’s not just a professional-looking pen.

It’s a pen with benefits really, so you can always have your vape handy without any bulky stuff or things that might cause people to glare…ugh!

Our Hemp Vape Pen Features

  • Clean: No-leak, high-efficiency liquid & dry herb atomizer to maximize vapor.
  • Lasting: Comes with a 350mAh battery so it lasts.
  • Convenient: Easily replaceable coils for use with both liquid and dry product.
  • Light: Only a mere 60g, just a smidgen heavier than a real pen would be.
  • Pen Style: Nice, even, and lasting ball point.


The Hemp For Fitness Hemp Vape Pen Kit Has It All Folks!

After getting a Hemp for Fitness hemp vape pen delivered to your mailbox or front door, first thing you gotta do is to screw in the battery and attach the USB adapter to charge it up! It takes about 20 minutes for a full charge, then once the light turns from red to green you’re good to go.

You can happily and very conveniently vape hemp oil or extracts or e-liquids of all kinds, as well as dry herbs and tobacco.

The beauty of it is no one will know that your hemp vape pen is anything more than it seems to be – an actual pen. No smell. It’s not too heavy, and it writes like a charm!

Here’s some basic instructions to get you started enjoying your new hemp vape pen.

For E-Liquid or Hemp Oil Usage

As you can see the liquid chamber of the hemp vape pen is engineered so you can easily and safely vape hemp oil or any hemp e-liquid. The mouthpiece is attached to the chamber and shouldn’t be removed.

The opposite side of the chamber contains the heating element, which has a diamond texture for grip. Make sure you unscrew it counter-clockwise.

Fill the hemp vape pen liquid chamber with your hemp oil or other hemp vape liquid to about 1ml. Then screw the chamber assembly into the battery component and at the push of a button it’s ready to be used as long as it’s been charged. Oh, speaking of which, for your convenience there’s an additional replacement heating element included in your hemp vape pen kit. Enjoy!

For Dry Herb Usage

You can pretty much vape any dry herb with this vape pen.

It screws off similarly to the liquid chamber, with the heating element at the bottom. Be sure to use well-ground herb or tobacco! Use the packing tool to gently push it down and pack it into the chamber.

There’s a honeycomb-type filter inside the mouthpiece behind the compression spring. Don’t lose the spring or filter and use roughly .1-.25g of herb per usage to get the best results. You’re going to love your vape pen with benefits!


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