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Hemp Honey Sticks: Raw, Organic, and Full Spectrum 15mg – 5 natural flavors available


Our hemp honey sticks deliver sweet entourage effects of family farmed, raw organic Colorado honey infused with full spectrum hemp extract…yum!

A double-whammy of ancient liquid golds, both raw hemp extract and honey are world renowned superfoods with treasure troves of nutritious naturally occurring compounds.

Easily one of the most delicious and convenient ways to consume raw hemp extract.

  • 15mg  hemp honey sticks ready for online, retail, and wholesale or private label purchase.
  • 5 organic flavors available (Natural, Kava Kava, Lavender, Maca Roots/Ginseng AKA Passion Stixs & Cinnamon)
  • Hemp extract derived using supercritical CO2 from the stalks/stems of sustainably and organically farmed industrial hemp plants in select European countries.
  • Less than 0.3% THC, legal to be shipped to all 50 states and over 40 countries around the world.
  • Every purchase supports the environmentally conscious European and American hemp markets and Colorado bees!




Hemp Honey Sticks: A Symbiosis of Phytonutrients and Bee Nectar

Organic Hemp Honey Sticks CBD

First we invested over a year of searching and testing to find the right source of full spectrum hemp extract for our hemp honey sticks. Located in select hemp-friendly growing areas of Europe, our hemp farmers love what they do and grow organically as part of a sustainable agriculture initiative.

From the stalks and stems of the hemp plants they create the extract cleanly without toxic solvents using a supercritical CO2 method that’s then lab-tested in both Europe as well as the U.S. for consistency, purity, potency, and to ensure less than 0.3% THC, making these hemp honey sticks non-psychoactive.

Once imported, using a honey homogenizer the hemp extract is gently infused into raw organic Colorado honey. Then we test it again to ensure the hemp honey sticks contain beneficial phytonutrients. For example, here’s a recent test of our 25mg hemp honey sticks.


And listen, we’re not some big Silicon Valley or Wall Street funded corporation here folks. Whether you’re purchasing our hemp honey sticks for private consumption, a retail setting, or for wholesale and private label purposes, we’ll give you a fabulous deal!

For us it’s about supporting both European and American hemp movements, as well as the bee population. Again, we have to stress, our honey is raw, organic, and created in a very responsible and bee-friendly manner.


Mouthwatering Ways to Use Hemp Honey Sticks

  • Giddily add your hemp honey stick, or a portion, to any slightly warm beverage. Don’t mix with anything hot though because the heat can destroy beneficial enzymes in the honey.
  • Spread hemp honey sticks onto organic bread, sprinkle atop your cereal, a fresh bagel from the bakery, your morning pancakes and waffles, or stir some of the hemp honey into warm oatmeal. Anything with flax and omega-3’s will work synergistically with the hemp extract.
  • Make a warm peanut butter and hemp honey sandwich or cornbread drizzle.
  • Drip some of the hemp honey onto fruits (or veggies!) or even whisk it into hemp honey butter.
  • Looking for a dash of salt and sweet? Try mixing the hemp honey with salted seeds and nuts or popcorn, or spread it onto salted crackers.

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Natural, Kava Kava, Lavender, Maca Roots/Ginseng, Cinnamon

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