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CBG DAB 1gram (320mg)


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 CBG Dab 1 gram  (320mg )

 High concentrations of cannabigerol (CBG) make our product a highly unique dab.

Hemp For Fitness believes, terpenes are one of the most exciting aspects of the sativa L, plants and we have been extracting some of the finest CBG plants with enriched Terpenes.

1 Gram Glass Container.

Less is more …Try our Dab, Sauce and tell us what you think?

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How to Use:

Please dab at low temperatures because of the natural high terpene concentration. Terpenes are very sensitive to heat and will boil off at low temperatures.


dab between 310-400 degrees Fahrenheit It is best to start at a lower temperature and go from there to ensure you don’t burn the terpenes.

db suggests, If you are using a quartz nail, we suggest heating for 16 seconds and letting it cool for 35 seconds before dabbing. Always use a carb cap – this ensures your dab will continue to melt as the nail cools down, and prevents vapor from escaping your dab rig. Every dabbing setup is different, so take some notes and experiment with the heating and cooling times to achieve the perfect dab.



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