Read This Before You Buy Cannabis Oil Online!


Before you buy cannabis oil online, whether to address an ongoing health issue or as a preventative dietary supplement, there’s critically important things you need to become aware of.

First, let’s quickly define cannabis oil for the purposes of this educational article:

When one sets out to buy cannabis oil online, they’re looking for a pure or concentrated oil or paste within the legal limits of THC, or below 0.03% (fiber classification), extracted from the stalks of industrial hemp plants.

You simply cannot legally buy cannabis oil online in the US that comes from Marijuana strains or that’s been extracted from the flowers or leaves of industrial hemp plants.

So if you were to get one of our cannabis oil concentrate syringes, it would look like this:

Buy Cannabis Oil Online Syringe

Or, if you decided you’d rather go with the cannabis oil capsules, inside the paste would look like this:

CBD Capsule Contents

There are other delivery systems, for example tinctures, vape oils, or even topical creams and lotions that contain perfectly legal cannabis oil extracts within them that’ve been around for so long it would blow your mind. Point is, the legal form of cannabis oil that you can purchase online in our modern era in the US comes exclusively from the stalks of industrial hemp plants.

Laws are changing, social education is increasing, the medical community is reacting, and soon there will once again be a robust domestic supply of organically grown dioecious and polyoicous hemp. By then, sure, we’ll be able to buy whatever the hell we want online!

Now let’s talk safety steps to protect yourself and your investment.

Step #1: Ensure Your Cannabis Oil is Clean!

It’s like any other consumer good. You want to know you’re not getting taken for a ride. This isn’t an obscure or exotic plant some explorer dude found deep in some long forgotten jungle.

This is hemp. We know hemp. Humans literally have a system within us (The ECS) that’s engineered to accept and utilize phytocannabinoids… to maintain homeostasis!

Making sure you buy cannabis oil online that’s clean is of paramount importance for this reason. Online sellers should maintain updated Certifications of Analysis (CoA) on all their oils and concentrates. Because without them, you literally have no idea what you’re  putting into your body. On the retail level in certain states like Washington or Oregon, you can walk in (or even call for delivery in some places) and buy cannabis oil in dispensaries. These establishments and their suppliers have to maintain piles of paperwork and everyone knows it before they buy something. Legal loops galore. Mountains of both state and federal bureaucracy!

Consumers just look at the little label stating basic cannabinoid levels and trust it.

But these products, as you might have guessed, are impossible to legally sell and buy online because they typically contain more than 0.03% THC. For online sellers like us, we’ve got to make sure our products fit strict guidelines and lab tests are a reality. I’ve watched Marjan (Owner and Founder of spend a small fortune on COAs since 2014.

It’s not just about avoiding scams or low quality cannabis oil, although that’s part of it. Here’s the bullet point perspective:

  • As mentioned, if you’re going to legally buy cannabis oil online so it can be mailed to you and travel across state borders, it must be extracted from industrial hemp stalks instead of the leaves and flowers where beneficial phytocannabinoids are most plentiful.
  • This means that it takes a lot of hemp stalks to create just one syringe of medicinal-grade cannabis oil containing high percentages of beneficial compounds like cannabidiol (CBD), along with natural synergistic hemp terpenes.
  • The hemp plant is a powerful bio-accumulator that naturally draws in any heavy metals and toxins from the environment that may be present depending on where the hemp is grown and how it’s treated by farmers.
  • Remember, because of the laws right now, the vast majority of hemp is coming into the US from overseas.

Here’s a screenshot from one of our most recent CoAs so you can see exactly what kinds of Residual Solvents we test for:

Cannabis Hemp Residual Solvents Test Results

We also have our cannabis oils tested for microbial contaminants and pesticides/fungicides.

Cannabis Pesticide Fungicide Residue Testing

And here’s the good news, industrial hemp farming is coming back to America with a swiftness. In just a small handful of years from now when you buy cannabis oil online you’ll notice the price has gone down a fair amount thanks to hemp farms beginning to blanket the nation (/pray). Furthermore, all state and federal legalities will be ironed out. If we’re lucky the people will truly awaken, rise up, and repeal all federal cannabis laws in a constitutional way.

This is the current state of industrial hemp farming in the US, last updated 12/18/2015:

Industrial Hemp Farming US 2015

That said, let’s talk about another big area of confusion for people just now catching wind of all this and of hemp-derived CBD oils.

Step #2: Understand Your Cannabis Oil CBD Percentages

30%, 70%, 25%, what does it all mean? What it basically means is that per serving, or within a syringe of our 25.31% CBD cannabis oil for example, about 25% is pure cannabidiol, a non-toxic, non-psychoactive hemp extract.

The rest is a mixture of the plant’s natural components.

  • Other phytocannabinoids like Cannabinol or Cannabigerol, etc. Hemp’s a treasure trove.
  • Micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, etc.
  • Hemp terpenes and flavonoids and so forth.

We do not advise investing in “single-phytocannabinoid” products, for example a product that contains almost nothing but concentrated (and most likely synthetic at this point) Cannabidiol. In our opinion, “whole hemp plant” extracts and oils are preferable because of how all the components synergistically and symbiotically work together within the ECS.

Here’s another screenshot from one of our cannabis oil concentrates that shows you what a typical cannabis terpene profile looks like. Although they all differ.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Terpene Test Results

So the higher the percentage number, the more potent the cannabis oil. Same thing with protein or even olive oil. The more polyunsaturated fatty acids like oleic, linoleic, and linolenic, etc., the healthier it is. Cool?

Step #3: Understand Your Serving Size

Everyone’s different. The ECS is as complex as your central nervous system. There’s a huge (and growing) list of reasons people scurring to computers and mobile devices to legally buy cannabis oil online. You have to experiment, there’s no way around it.

We here at Hemp for Fitness would simply like you to know we’re an option.

With our syringes, we tell people to try one rice grain-sized amount per serving and go from there. With capsules, try just one at first and see how it feels. You get the idea. Only your body can tell you how much is enough.

As a general rule of thumb, in our opinion and we’re not doctors, for basic dietary supplement means most human beings should shoot for 30-50mg of CBD in their system on a regular basis to maintain an empowered and healthy Endocannabinoid System.

Wrapping Up

Make sure when you buy cannabis oil online it’s clean, lab tested for health and legal reasons, and clearly states the percentage so you can figure out what serving size (and delivery system) works best for you.

Team Hemp for Fitness

Cheers and à votre santé from Marjan and I and the rest of the Hemp for Fitness team!