Introducing A Healthy Organic Sleep & Anxiety Aid as Effective as Valium

Since 2014 I’ve been sifting through research, studying and writing about two incredible plant chemicals shaking the very foundations of American society – CBD & THC – but this article is about another compound suddenly taking a big bite out of the Benzodiazepine issue – Cannabinol (CBN).


Yesterday Marjan, Founder & Owner of, calls me up suddenly to exclaim,

Damien, something incredible’s going on with our hemp CBN capsules!

By our she means her store’s, or the website you’re reading these words on.

Sure, a rundown on the situation would’ve been nice, but that woman’s so busy with the buzz of legalized industrial hemp farming thanks to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. I’ve been writing for her small brand for years and helping her market her hemp products, but she’s never sounded like that…you know?

There’s only a limited supply in the US!”

So I log into the site to check recent sales…

And see this…

Hemp CBN Sales Example

It averages to about $100 per purchase – the Hemp CBN capsules she offers come in 10 capsule (50mg total), 30 capsule (150mg total), and 60 capsule (300mg total) batches.

Listen, $7500 by late April isn’t going to make the morning presses swirl with envious excitement, but HempforFitness is a humble business working with small farmers in Europe and in the U.S. in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill. Multiply that times however many others are selling hemp CBN (and marijuana-based from dispensaries).

What’s driving so much interest?

I think people across the nation (those sales in the screenshot above are from all over) began experimenting with CBN when it became more available recently thanks to the 2015-2018 cannabis movement, and it took a bit for word to get out.

The consumption of 2.5mg to 5mg of CBN has the same level of sedation as a mild pharmaceutical sedative, with a relaxed body sensation similar to 5mg to 10mg of diazepam.


That’s a direct quote from one of America’s leading cannabis testing and analytics labs in operation since 2008:

Steep Hill Labs, Inc.

Their findings get better.

CBN reduces intraocular pressure in the eye (similar to D9THC), so it can be used in the treatment of Glaucoma without the psychoactive effects of THC. CBN is synergistic with THC/CBD for treatment purposes. CBN also fights free radicals in the bloodstream, and it performs similarly to THC in pain reduction treatments.”

Along with being synergistic with other cannabinoids…

CBN can be a beneficial alternative to THC for treatment.”

What that means is, imagine all the people who seek the therapeutic/medical benefits of marijuana without the psychoactivity of THC. These days they tend to go to CBD-only treatments, lacking some of the synergistic ‘entourage” effects – some theorize this reduces effectiveness.

According to Steep Hill, CBN seems to be an effective alternative to THC that produces similar entourage effects.

And to think, there’s so many more cannabinoids we have yet to really begin researching!

Because I’ve never swallowed a benzodiazepine in my life, I actually had to look up why someone would take Diazepam. It’s primarily prescribed to people for:

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks.
  • Seizures (Convulsions) & Muscle Relaxation
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping.

I take that back, I think I took a Xanax once in college.


6 Important Ways Hemp CBN is Better Than Valium

Here we go, yet another phytocannabinoid that can serve as a viable aid to help people deal with these conditions. I dove in head first and began reading everything I could. Here are the basics of what’s out there as I interpret it.

  1. Much Quicker CBN Uptake

While it takes 30 to 60 minutes for Valium to get into your bloodstream and start working, cannabinoids tend to work much faster – especially when taken into the lungs via vape, or orally using full spectrum hemp extracts.

  1. What Side Effects?

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything on negative side effects from hemp CBN – it’s nontoxic. Same goes for CBD. Meanwhile, the list of potential side effects for Valium and its ilk could be considered by some to be extensive…

  1. Hemp CBN Isn’t Addictive

Hemp CBN isn’t psychoactive, so you can’t quickly gulp one down with a milkshake and ‘get high’. What would you get addicted to (other than the milkshake yumminess)? As such, there aren’t any withdrawal issues or symptoms to fret about if you decide you don’t want to continue usage. Incorporate CBN when you need it without worry. Meanwhile Benzo’s are addictive and withdrawals can get serious.

  1. No Known Overdose

Like all the other cannabinoids I’ve researched, there’s no known toxic overdose level I could find. If you can find one somewhere, please post it in the comment section and I’ll update this article. On the other hand, yeah, benzodiazepines can be dangerous! Remember the quote from Steep Hill, only a tiny amount of CBN is equal to 10mg of Valium.

  1. Non Allergenic Anti-Inflammatory

The industrial hemp plant is very non allergenic and anti-inflammatory, from seed to extract. Sure, it’s possible someone could experience an allergic reaction to the plant, whether you’re drinking hemp seed milk or eating a CBN edible, but there’s far more risk when we’re talking about Diazepam and medications like it. This is magnified when you take them with other medications (especially ones that slow down your liver).

  1. Hemp CBN Works as Intended or Doesn’t Work at All

Provided the CBN you ingest is quality from quality plant and you’re not allergic, the WORST that could happen is it doesn’t work – you don’t experience the sedative effects, ease in anxiety symptoms, etc. Can we say the say the same about Benzodiazepines? Some people experience the opposite with those and go through wild mood swings, agitation, restlessness or worse.


Don’t take my word for it, each of those 6 points are easily verifiable on the first results page of basic searches on the subject. What it comes down to if you’re interested in seeing what potential CBN has for you or someone you care about is the source.

I can’t speak for other brands out there, but I’ve known Marjan and the HempforFitness team for over 4 years now and trust their products. While their supplies are limited, they tend to move mountains for their customers.

Usually I wouldn’t do this, but in response to so many comments on a few of my other articles, CLICK HERE if you want to go straight to the Hemp CBN capsule product page.

Speaking of which, every comment left on the internet about hemp products makes a HUGE difference. If you try CBN or are already familiar, please don’t be shy and share your experiences with CBN for others to learn from in the comment section. The team tries to respond to every one.

Thanks for your time, and here’s for the continued expansion of cannabinoid science!