Are Your Hemp Skin Care Products Deceiving You?


Chances are you’re a relatively new consumer of hemp products, swept up into the 21st century cannabis revolution. And, you’re looking to improve your skin care lifestyle through the wonderful plant.

Perhaps you’ve already been buying from a couple outfits, or searching for your first purchase.

I’ve been involved stateside for close to 5 years solid now, and as myself and many others will sorrowfully admit…there’s a lot of greasy hairs in the proverbial salad. What I mean is, a good percentage of the products being sold to folks like you right now on the open market, are attempting to deceive you.

The core issue:

  • Most hemp skin care consumers are after hemp extracts containing phytocannabinoids (plant-based) like naturally occuring cannabidiol (CBD) within the essential oil of the plant.
  • There’s almost ZERO hemp extract-based (containing CBD) options available in physical retail in America. For easily 95% of us, we have to purchase these products online.
  • Hemp seed oil, which doesn’t contain cannabinoids like CBD, has many similar benefits when it comes to our skin.
  • Hemp seed oil is incredibly cheap and easy to get, while hemp CBD in the U.S. is expensive!

See the problem?

So technically, you could take any formula for a skin cream, salve or lotion, toss some hemp seed oil in there, then claim it has ‘hemp oil’. And, both hemp seed oil as well as hemp extracts are great for most skin types…the majority of consumers don’t yet clearly understand the differences between hemp seed oil, and hemp plant extract, or full-spectrum hemp oil.

Compounding the dilemma, is supply.

Domestically, in the U.S. you’re seeing more big brands offering skin care products with ‘hemp’ in them. It’s seed oil. There’s almost zero chance anything you purchase from a big box store or big brand has any cannabinoids or terpenes or anything from the actual hemp plant.

Don’t get me wrong, hemp seed oil is ASTOUNDINGLY AWESOME. I myself use hemp seed oil, eat hemp hearts (the little morsels inside the seeds oil is extracted from), drink tons of hemp seed milk with vanilla flavoring, and am using some locally made hemp/lavender soap.

But none of those products contain cannabinoids, especially since the seeds are sterilized before being made available to create any of those products.

There are new fresh faces, small brands coming out of a small handful of states offering legitimate hemp skin care products with full-spectrum hemp oil, but there really aren’t any super-established choices yet.

For those, we have to look to Europe.

Let me introduce you to…

Trompetol & Cannabios

Trompetol Cannabios Skin Care Products

HempforFitness carries these brands with pride, and we feel privileged to slowly help spread the word to Americans. I’ve tried their salves and massage oil, and from personal experience can attest they’re legitimate – meaning they contain all-natural industrial hemp oil (some with both seed and full-spectrum along with other essential oils).

The company behind them is Cannacura, in the european industrial hemp (and environmental) market/movement since the late 90’s, so nearly twenty years. In 2005 they released their initial line of hemp cosmetics containing a full ‘cannabinoid complex’ which just means they use the plant, not just seeds.

Most everything you’ll discover online while researching their company is published in other languages, but here’s a few things to know:

  • Based out of the Czech Republic, but have grown to include partners and distribution across Europe – France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain, Greece, The U.K., etc.
  • They rely on a network of small-to-medium European hemp farms who abide by strict environmental, sustainable farming, and processing practices; also a part of R&D initiatives along these lines.
  • No animal testing, synthetics, dyes, or perfumes.

Of course, their popularity has soared over the last few years, and they really are a great bunch of people, always attending the European industrial hemp/cannabis festivals and expos. In 2017 they came under some fire for not being more upfront about their lab testing, and in response Barbora Kudrnacova, Managing Director for Cannacura wrote and released This Letter, saying among other things…

The substances and their contents in our products are well known, and they all contain CBD in the effective amounts. This fact is being verified by several laboratories…The efficacy of our products is likewise affirmed by more than ten years of official EU market presence.”

It’s true, back in 2004 they were the European hemp vanguards, offering one of the first full-spectrum products in recent history. In 2016 I actually was part of the team that tried (unsuccessfully) to get the U.S. Veterans Administration to make the skin care products available to their patients and veterans.

They aren’t quite ready for that yet, which is sad, as their reasoning isn’t based on anything scientific from my perspective.

With that said, check them out!

Hemp Skin Care

3 Steps to Safeguarding Hemp Skin Care Purchases

Along with introducing you to Trompetol & Cannabios hemp skin care lines, let’s talk briefly about 3 easy steps you can take to safeguard your money when purchasing these types of products online until the supply rises sharply a year or two after U.S. hemp farming legalization.

Step #1: Apply Digital Elbow Grease

Sorry, but yes, you’ve GOT to conduct some research and look into the companies you want to purchase from. I preach this repeatedly in most posts I write on the subject of hemp.

  • US-Based: This means you need to make sure you know whether you’re buying a product with hemp seed oil, or ‘full-spectrum’ hemp extract. Since there’s very little domestic supply, other than in a few states they likely outsource either the hemp plant and process it in the U.S., or the entire extract. Do they have lab tests to prove efficacy or some way for you to get specific answers?
  • Outside the US: Simply put, this is tough as well unless you turn to established brands like Trompetol & Cannabios. For the most part, companies based in ‘western’ nations like Australia, or England, or France, or Canada are a much safer bet than China or India (despite those two countries being huge hemp textile exporters).

*Note: The reason is because they use the leftover hemp from textile making (rope, cloth, canvas, hempcrete, etc.), to try and produce crude extract from. Obviously, it’s ideal to source the extract as close to the farm as possible, which Trompetol, Cannabios, and other reputable companies outside these countries practice.

Your skin is important! If you already have your own strict set of rules for what skin care products you use, apply them to hemp skin care products. Look closely at ingredients. Don’t just purchase a product because it flashes the words ‘hemp’ or ‘hemp oil’ at you.

Step #2: Focus on Quality!

In terms of concentration levels, 40-60% is, for now, the average for high-grade plant-based extracts with CBD (vs. synthetic options, or single-cannabinoid isolates). But, when purchasing raw extracts in the U.S. this can come with a hefty price tag because of what it takes to produce these levels in the current legal/supply environment.

For skin care products and cosmetics with hemp extracts, you should see benefits within minutes, to hours, or possibly days. If you see and experience no benefits within that time, outside of what hemp seed oil would normally provide, you should seek another option.

Here’s some of the already known benefits of hemp SEED oil, meaning outside the benefits of full-extracts containing cannabinoids like CBD:

  • Great skin rejuvenation for that youthful natural glow.
  • Amazing moisturizer that calms surface inflammation.
  • Helps to protect the skin and suitable for almost all skin types.

As an example, when I massaged in a small amount of Trompetol Hemp Salve to a sprained ankle the pain relief was near instant and very noticeable thanks to the hemp extract. Like, I went from not being able to put weight on it to being able to walk on it just fine – within 30 seconds.

If the salve only contained hemp seed oil, there would be NO pain relief. Or, well, a smaller degree perhaps although I can say it’s really the only salve I’ve ever used for pain relief so I don’t have much else to go off of.

Step #3: Authentic Social Proofing

Right now, in all honesty the best place to look for proof of quality outside lab test results (which most skin care brands won’t provide), is personal reviews and testimonials. Again, what you’re looking for are indications the products contain more than hemp seed oil (unless that’s what you’re after, just in higher percentages within the product).

HempforFitness is doing our best to collect these testimonials, but, yeah, most people don’t take the time despite how helpful they are to others. Some do, and plenty exist for companies that’ve been around awhile – especially outside the U.S.

  • Again, look for reviews that talk about results outside of hemp seed benefits like extra pain relief, clearing up skin issues to any degree, helping with more serious skin conditions, etc.
  • These reviews aren’t only found on product pages, but under online blogs and articles on the subject of hemp skin care in comments sections. People will make recommendations based on their experience.
  • Another place to go is social media properties if they have them. Just watch out for scammers who set up fake pages. Trompetol has a great little community and tons of pictures from their hemp fields on their English page. It’s not about the size, but the quality of their following.

Wrapping Up

Research, Focus on Quality & Social Proofing

With all that said, I just want to thank you for your interest and support of industrial hemp. Hopefully you find a great product, or company, to rely on as the world progresses and gets back to harnessing the incredible powers of hemp when it comes to environmental sustainability and human health.

If you have any questions regarding potency, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. And PLEASE, if you have experiences to share when it comes to hemp skin care products, don’t hesitate to leave a comment under this article, we go through each and every one. Thanks for your time!