Get Dry Organic Hemp Leaf & Flowers Perfect for Hemp Tea


Quench your healthful search for soul soothing and spirit satisfying hemp tea with this high-quality hemp leaf bundle from Trompetol.

Shower your senses with a smorgasbord of organically grown hemp inflorescences: tasty hemp seeds along with fragrant whole hemp flowers and sundried leaves/stalks harvested by hand in the hemp field then manually selected and processed for shipping to your front door.

It doesn’t get more “From Field to Cup” than that folks…

With Trompetol you know you’re getting effective hemp-healing properties that you can actually feel calm your nerves, ease pain or headaches, melt away your stress, and help you sleep like a baby.

Teapot CupHemp Tea Bag

The Source of Trompetol Hemp Leaves & Flowers

They’re specialty cultivars organically grown and heavily monitored as part of a sustainable agriculture initiative in the Czech Republic that goes back roughly a decade. Well, technically hemp plants have been grown in the area we call the Czech Republic for thousands of years simply because of the climate.

Benefits of Home-Brewed Hemp Tea

We’re talking about a LowSeed dioecious variety brimming with raw cannabinoids that empower your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a phenolic profile similar to green or chamomile tea, and of course the hemp terpenes that’ll infuse your tea with an alluring aroma, distinct delicate flavor, and gentle green color.

Trompetol ensures each bag packs the resins, healthy plant-based fats, amino acids, vegan protein and essential oils along with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

  • Choline: This water-soluble and tea-friendly essential nutrient found in the hemp seeds is often lacking in modern diets but needed for a large assortment of very important processes that help maintain a state of homeostasis within the body, especially for post-menopausal women.
  • CBD: The Cannabidiol within the industrial hemp is naturally occurring, not concentrated, so it’s not as strong as straight CBD oil. You could take the bag and make your own homemade batch of CBD oil with it though which would be stronger.
  • Non-Caffeinated: There’s no caffeine present in hemp plants so don’t expect this tea to produce the big energy-boost people get from concentrated CBD oils. It’s actually quite calming, almost tranquilizing when steeped and used to make tea.
  • Unflavored: While there are many pre-made hemp teas out there complimented with any number of herbs and spices, each bag of Trompetol hemp leaf and flowers comes unflavored with no additives or preservatives.

Recommended Usage and Dosage of Hemp Tea

The recommended dosage unless instructed otherwise is 4 grams per person, per day. The picture below shows what the 4 grams looks like by itself on a plate.

dried Hemp Flowers and Leaves for Hemp tea

You can make it as strong or a diluted as you want, but this much should be enough for about 2 to 3 cups of potent tea per serving.

As you can see they’re healthy flowers and leaves from healthy and vibrant hemp plants. That said, 4 grams might be more than you need to feel the desired effects. Either way each bag should last between 10-20 days which is awesome !

Order a bag of Hemp Tea today and begin experiencing the ancient wonders of hemp tea in the privacy of home.