Christmas Gift Ideas 2018 for Her: Hemp CBD Products!


Searching for hemp CBD-infused Christmas gift ideas for your special lady(s) this year?


Bravo! That’s an absolutely fabulous way to go. So much win! She wins. You win. The earth wins…

Of all the Christmas gift ideas you COULD be searching for, we applaud you. Questions is, what should you get her? I’ve got 5 solid ideas for ya with pricing, basic highlights and direct links.

Notice: None of these Christmas gift ideas are marijuana-based or psychoactive. If you’re looking for those kinds of goodies, I’d suggest visiting a nearby dispensary. They’re sure to have outstanding deals this time of year. All the following products are industrial hemp-based (non-psychoactive) and purchasable online. They’re winners.

#1: Cannabios Organic Hemp Massage Oil

Cannabios Lemon Scented Hemp Massage Oil

Store Link Neutral Scent: Cannabios Organic Hemp Massage Oil
Here’s The Link for Lemon Scented

$28 for 100ml, or $79 for 500ml

Comes in both a lovely neutral or fresh lemon scent.

Not too oily or thin, great for deep rejuvenating massages.

For extra relaxation, to release muscle tension, and help the body repair.

Also great topical for the skin itself, with plenty of plant-based nutrients.

This is one of the first industrial hemp-based skin care products I ever tried. It was the lemon scent, and yes, it’s a calm lemon with an exotic plant-based aroma. Leaves the skin with a happy shine and refreshed. Cannabios is a European brand that works closely with Hemp for Fitness to bring their version of hemp-beauty products to our shores. They’re increasing in popularity by the month. While they continue updating their bottles, what’s inside is family farm industrial hemp extract with other organic oils – free of artificial dyes, irritating perfumes, and peg-chemicals.

#2: Trompetol Extra Lavender Hemp CBD Skin Salve

Store Link: Trompetol Extra Lavender Hemp Skin Salve

30ml: $14100ml: $30300ml: $60

Used to relieve pain, soothe achy joints, relax muscles.

Contains both full spectrum hemp & hemp seed oil.

Wonderful aroma of lavender, mint, olive oil and lemon.

Some use to ease chronic pain or muscle issues.

Does she deal with achy joints or sore muscles? Trompetol is another European company that’s been quite popular for a while over there and only just recently begun gaining traction in the U.S. because of the quality of their products. This is higher strength and effective! I’ve used it myself on a hurt ankle – was instant relief. Lasts a while too because a little bit goes a long ways. Go the extra distance and massage it into the sore or tender areas! We also carry rose-scented Trompetol Face Cream. For those that like to put sweets in stockings…

#3: Stocking Stuffers – Hemp CBD Candies

Hemp CBD Gummies Candies
Store Link: Hemp Candies

$10 to $30 Per Package for 4 to 24 Pieces.

Each of the candies, or gummies, contain 28mg up to nearly 50mg of hemp extract.

A tasty and fun way to give the body these healthy plant nutrients.

All kinds of different tangy flavors to choose from.

Non-psychoactive, contains zero THC.

These are so popular! Not just the specific brand of hemp CBD gummies you’ll find on Hemp for Fitness, but the many options online and in dispensaries. It used to be dispensaries only carried marijuana-based products, but in my state I’m seeing more and more options coming from hemp like these. Are they the tastiest candies in the world? No. But the physiological benefits of what’s in them are widely known and fueling a 21st century hemp revolution across America. A great little extra present for someone special.

#4: Hemp Honey Sticks – 5 Sweet Flavors

Hemp Honey SticksStore Link to 100mg: Hemp Honey Sticks
Link for the 25mg Honey Sticks

$10 for 100mg – $3.99 for 25mg

An awesome stocking stuffer of green organic phyto-nutrients.

Combines hemp CBD with the wonders of organic honey.

Comes in 5 different flavors for yummy herbal supplementation.

Non-psychoactive; does not contain illegal amounts of THC.

Once again, I’ve gobbled down these hemp honey sticks myself and they’re just about the tastiest and easiest way to give your body full spectrum hemp extract I’ve come across. Plus, the honey increases your body’s ability to absorb and process the plant’s nutrients like CBD, CBG, CBN, etc. I remember in a hotel room before going to pitch hemp products to the Veterans Administration I downed a 100mg honey stick, then nibbled on a 25mg and I didn’t feel any high or intoxication whatsoever. It did have a positive impact on my body and state of mind though. Love these.

#5: Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures from Hemp for Fitness

Store Link: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tinctures

30ml tinctures250mg for $60500mg for $80

Assortment of different cannabis-hemp terpenes, aromas, and rejuvenating ingredients.

Along with orally taking drops, can be applied directly to the skin for therapeutic relief.

Formulated using naturally organic European family farm industrial hemp plants.

For Focus, Relief, Sleep, Energy, and more convenient applications.

And there you have it, a fine assortment of hemp CBD-infused Christmas gift ideas to cap off this truly astounding year of years…2018, wow! Thanks so much for your time and from the whole team here we wish you and yours a safe, warm, and merry holiday season. Our team is a wild mix of Jews, Arabs, Christians, Agnostics, Spirtualists,…the whole lot! We just love industrial hemp and the impacts it has on people’s lives (and our planet). Cheers!