CBD Capsules: An Easy Way to Get 30mg of CBD Everyday


Let’s look at an easy and affordable way for the average healthy person to integrate 30mg of ultra-beneficial CBD (cannabidiol) into their lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Okay, so the #1 gripe concerning cannabidiol dietary supplementation right now is the price. And yeah, CBD supplementation can be costly (especially for the very sick being prescribed upwards of 500-1200mg a day) for a variety of reasons. But after almost two years using CBD products like the ones you see in my cupboard in the pic below, and being the digital marketing director/content writer for HempforFitness.com I’d like to share my own personal solution.

CBD Hemp Products in Cupboard

CBD Capsules are The Way To Go!

I’ve done the vape thing, topical creams and ointments, edibles (chocolates are my favorite) flowers, tinctures, and pure CBD oil syringes, etc. I LOVE CBD and needed to figure out a way to affordably integrate it into my lifestyle.

In my opinion for the average healthy individual looking for cannabidiol supplementation CBD capsules are the most affordable.

Here’s how the math breaks down:

  • 10 CBD Capsules = $55
  • 30 CBD Capsules = $165
  • 60 CBD Capsules = $330

So no matter how you cut it, you’re getting them at $5.50 a pop plus a few pennies per capsule for shipping. It comes down to how much you want to spend at once. For me, I prefer to get 30 capsules and go monthly.

Why CBD Capsules?

The primary reason is dosage. 30mg is just right for me as a healthy person with no health issues and capsules dummy-proof controlling my intake. While I can easily take one capsule a day, I can go through a syringe or a $40 CBD vape cartridge really fast.

Here’s a picture so you can see what the contents are. As you can see, they’re not dry powder but organic raw hemp paste in precise amounts. Capsules make it so there’s none of the pretty gnarly taste either.

CBD Capsule Contents

The chocolates I love are $9 for 10mg…way too expensive! With capsules you’re getting almost pure CBD without anything adding to the cost like a syringe, or vape pen, or other packaging.

Now, I’m a relatively healthy guy that uses CBD for these specific reasons and capsules are perfect:

  • To lower general anxiety and depression levels – these have below legal limits of THC so we’re talking practically zero, only trace amounts that wouldn’t show up even on a pee test.
  • To better regulate my metabolism and keep me leaner.
  • To improve my workouts at the gym.
  • To act as a powerful nutrition-based preventative measure.

No joke, CBD is easily the most effective fitness supplement I’ve ever had. One capsule, or as little as 10mg doses a day really keep me trim beyond what exercise and good nutrition alone has been able to produce. Here’s a picture of my sweaty-self after a typical workout so you can see where I’m at.

Damien Darby Post Workout

How I Easily Afford the CBD Capsules

Once integrated into my life CBD pays for itself by saving me tons of money in two primary places.

CBD Helps Me Eat Less – Regulates My Appetite

No doubt. I noticed my grocery bill go down within a week. I’m less hungry. Eating as “just something to do” doesn’t spring up in my mind as often. When it does I eat a much more appropriate amount.  My mind is much more effective at telling me, “Hey, that’s enough for now.”

CBD doesn’t cause me to be anorexic, it just regulates my appetite to something I’d call far more natural and homeostatic. With CBD in my system I pretty much only eat when I need to which saves me money.

CBD Cuts Down my Cravings for Alcohol and Coffee

In terms of cannabinoid science this is the new frontier, but I can tell you that CBD cuts down my cravings for alcohol and coffee-induced energy.

So if I take a 30mg CBD capsule an hour before going out on the town I’ll drink less. The desire to get drunk just isn’t there, while my desire to mingle and be social is actually enhanced. Pretty neat!

As far as the coffee thing goes, I feel far less jittery effects with CBD in my system which for me rocks because there’s none of the associative anxiety. I’m not kidding. If you’re super-susceptible to caffeine and it makes you nervous, this completely goes away with CBD in your system. Plus the natural non-artificial energy’s there thanks to the CBD so I drink less.

Less food, less alcohol, and less coffee = enough to afford 30mg of CBD a day.

What’s 30mg of CBD Good For?

Oh boy, the list is simply too long. Suffice it to say that in my opinion as a general health and wellness dietary supplement to help you stay leaner, healthier and more emotionally/psychologically balanced 30mg is a good dosage based on personal experience and all the research I’ve done over the last couple years.

Keep in mind I’m a healthy guy that works out a ton, eats right, and minds my P’s and Q’s as best I can. Other people will give you other opinions, but that’s mine after the last two solid years in the American CBD industry.  While I’ve come across doctors who say 50mg is a better “everyday dosage” (especially for the elderly) that increases costs too much for me. 30mg is the sweet spot. Try it and see what you think.

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