CBD and Sexuality


Can Cannabinoid Supplementation (Re) Ignite Your Sex Life?

Good question! And it couldn’t have been brought up at a better time folks.

See, since roughly 2010 a steady gush of data’s been crawling onto the mainstream indicating Americans are generally a) sleeping with less people, and b) having less sex.

This behavior coincides with great socioeconomic stress. The fact that young to middle-aged Americans aren’t getting as wild as the Baby Boomers shouldn’t surprise anyone. Back then the U.S. economy was in its prime and couples could afford to have 3, 4, 5, or 6 children with only one middle class working parent.

Truth of the matter is…America’s waist deep in a traumatic decade and it’s causing much higher levels of stress and anxiety than people might realize.

A state of mind that in general causes less sexual, marital, and reproductive behavior – very common in mammals. When things are good we want to produce offspring literally on the cellular level. But when our environment’s “bad”…it’s about survival. Consider the Roarin 20’s when the economy was swingin, Satchmo was singin, and the streets were awash in easy credit. Then again in the 60’s and 70’s when Free Love reigned, sexual liberation was a way to rebel, people gave a shit about their rights, and folks didn’t really need more than high school diploma to score a good job.

Today the thought of paying for a/another child frightens the average 20, 30, or 40-something American likely living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, if you happen to be in your twenties or thirties, there’s a good chance you haven’t experienced a decent shagging in a year or more.

So let’s chat about cannabinoids shall we.

Let’s talk THC and CBD and delve into how they might really help you kick your libido into gear. And to be clear, all this is pretty much based on anecdotal evidence. There’s extremely little “official” info and state sanctioned studies on the specific topic of cannabinoids and human sexuality.

Shocking? No, not really…

Some seriously educated minds will tell you cannabinoids and human beings co-evolved together though if you seek them out. We helped shape the plant and it helped shape our cultures symbiotically. An interesting topic indeed, but for the purposes of this article I was able to find a cannabinoid study from 2009 on the male-female difference in the effects of cannabinoids and here’s the skinny,

“The influence of cannabis intake on sexual behavior and arousability appear to be dose-dependent in both men and women, although women are far more consistent in reporting facilitatory effects.”

Dose-dependent, remember that because it’s a big deal.

Humans have been using these cannabinoids for tens of thousands of years (likely far longer, past the agricultural age) and there are innumerable poets, artists of all kinds, shaman, medicine men/women, songwriters, novelists, playwrights, and so forth that have rapturously described the cannabinoid-sex connection throughout recorded human history.

We’ll touch on THC first, then dive into the wonders of CBD.

THC Seems to Be Sexually Biphasic

Biphasic meaning in low doses THC rocks in an assortment of ways, but in higher doses it can cause issues for certain people. CBD’s sort of the opposite when addressing sleep disorders. In small amounts, it produces tons of energy. In large amounts, it aids in sleep.

Point here is that in low to very low doses THC can have profoundly kickass effects within sexual contexts. In principle it’s no different than adding half a cup of red wine to your spaghetti sauce, there’s just different effects thanks to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

  • Many men claim they can last longer, have stronger erections and experience more explosively memorable orgasms at lower THC dosages. In higher dosages sex becomes one of the last things on their mind until levels drop.
  • For millennia women have hailed THC’s ability to dramatically increase the intensity of their orgasms. To be blunt, in modern times it’s been dubbed “Female Viagra”.
  • Lower dosages of THC does cause the ECS to create “love molecules” within our brains that strip away certain inhibitions (from conservative to less so). Keyed to CB1 receptors, mood changes lean towards playfulness and physical excitement which are conducive to initiating forplay.
  • Also in lower dosages, the “High” of THC does seem to help people become more aware of their bodies, their connections with others, and lead to heightened states of sensuality.

High Dosages of THC

All this talk of dosages can be confusing. There’s so many strains of Marijuana and THC is very unpredictable. Each and every strain is somewhat unique due to cannabis terpenoids and flavonoids.

Also thanks to our unique bodies what you might consider a moderate or huge THC dosage, others may barely feel. Point here is that in terms of improving sexuality within proper contexts, “low” to “very low” doses of THC seems to work best.

High dosages on the other hand…

  • Can cause psychological stress and anxiety which are very sexually counterproductive.
  • Completely turn off the Sexual Excitation System (SES).
  • Put you into a “friend zone” frame of mind, even with someone very close or a familiar sex partner.
  • Can cause a heightened sense of insecurity or self-awareness in a less positive or paranoid way.
  • More likely to cause hunger for food vs. sex or even strenuous physical activity which sex most often is. On the flip side TONS of people use small dosages of THC to enhance their workouts.

What’s high and low THC mean for you? Only you can figure that out through experimentation. If you’ve been using cannabinoids a while you already know how much THC is too much. You’re looking for that dosage that’s the equivalent of only having one beer. But you probably already knew that…

For beginners, just remember CBD counteracts THC. The more CBD, the less THC you’ll experience. You can always use some CBD concentrate/oil or partake in a cannabis strain much higher in CBD like Harlequin (8-16%) to get the CBD without as much or/any of the THC effects.

CBD Promotes Robust Sensuality

Okay, we got the THC part out of the way. Without any CBD to counteract it, a little bit can be a fabulous sexual tonic. Got it. Now let’s look at the clear cannabinoid bed-winner.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has five tremendous upsides when it comes to getting laid:

  1. No need to worry about dosages. With THC you have to figure out which strain of Marijuana plant/source works best for you and do tons of self-experimenting to find the right dosage. With CBD you just pick your delivery system (oil, balm, vape, flowers, edible, etc.) and you’re golden. Even small dosages and small concentrations will go a long ways.
  2. Huge anxiolytic, so stress and anxiety (which includes sexual and social) are lowered across the board.
  3. It seems to cause people to think more clearly, vividly, and candidly while promoting engaged communication which are triggers that turn on the SES – bonding.
  4. Sensually it’s a big enhancer and energizer.
  5. There are no known toxic limits of CBD. So far, no “too much” of CBD exists. In states like WA and OR, doctors are prescribing HUGE doses to patients with serious medical conditions and almost zero describe bad side effects, anxiety, fear, heart palpitations, etc.

Again, I could list poetic term after vivid term to describe CBD. The only difference between today and all the rest of human-cannabinoid history is now we have access to CBD-rich oils and products with concentrations never seen before.

Ever…at least not that we know of. Both private labs and government agencies have been testing Marijuana/Hemp plants for cannabinoid levels for at least 30 to 40 years. While it’s true that THC levels have typically risen in Marijuana only by about 5% on average, CBD levels in both have always (in America at least) been really low…almost non-existent.

Not now. Today people have access to products like Hemp Oil Capsules with 30mg of 50% CBD. Whoa! And those are legal in all 50 states because the extract comes from industrial hemp not Marijuana. However, expect to see strains of Marijuana with incredible levels of CBD and legal limits of THC very soon…

CBD Makes Everything “All Good”

When CBD hits the brain it activates serotonin receptors, immediately producing anti-depressant and anti-stress effects. There’s no “high” when this happens. It’s similar to the experience of waking up on a really good day after an empowering dream feeling refreshed, safe, confident, and alive.

That’s no joke. We’re talking analgesic, antipsychotic, antianxiety…the works!

Most commonly it’s known to cause an almost instant, miraculous, and deep sense of well-being. Like suddenly there’s an emotional/psychological protective bubble around you which connects to CBD’s well-known neuroprotective power – antitumor/cancer.

Stress, insecurity, a worried mind and anxiety melt away. CBD actually, well, tells the brain not to produce the chemicals associated with inflammation, fear, worry, stress, etc. In fact, more and more researchers believe (including Dr. Mechoulam) CBD helps the mind rid itself of traumatic memories.

How’s that for setting the stage for love and sexuality? Granted a sexual context is needed to score, but once there the chances of being distracted or disturbed by negativity go WAY down. No high. No being stoned.

Just, okay with the world and being in your own skin.

CBD Can Help with Sexual Anxiety

Again I have to point out this is anecdotal. Medical science has some catching up to do here. But think about it, CBD helps pave the path to the bedroom by dampening or dramatically lessening the stress and anxiety chemicals in the brain.
Social anxiety, internal anxiety, sexual anxiety, and otherwise.

Once in the bedroom, both men and women claim they experience big jolts of “positive” energy like from a strong cup of jitter-free coffee that combats performance anxiety.

Dig around in forums and you’ll find a fair amount of testimonials from both sexes saying they can go hours with their partners after using CBD oils like the affordable +CBD Oil Supplement for only $39.99!

Most often it’s older folks saying this in their late 30’s to 50’s.

  • Another interesting impact of CBD supplementation you’ll come across is from men who claim it helps them not only have better orgasms, but more of them.
  • This is also the case for females who’ve had a really difficult time climaxing due to an overly-sensitive clitoris which makes sense as CBD and its memetic endocannabinoid 2-AG are primary agents of the pain regulation system.
  • CBD seems to cause many people to become receptive to sexual desire. CBD doesn’t directly cause sexual excitement that we know of, but it opens the door. There’s more of a connection with others and far less feelings of isolation.

And here’s something else to note. There are currently hundreds upon hundreds of personally written reviews and testimonials from all over the country, as well as official tracking data from certain regulatory agencies, that show a dramatic reduction in conventional pharmaceuticals thanks to CBD supplementation.

This is especially the case when we look at folks who use CBD-rich products for stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We’re talking on average 20 to 30% reduction in “pills” all the way up to 100%. Many of these conventional drugs negatively impact sex drive, it’s a well-understood fact.

With that said, let’s take a slightly deeper look into the communication angle.

CBD & Sexual Communication

Ask a 100 sexual therapists about the #1 cause of bedroom issues and at least 80% will bring up the topic of communication. Theories abound why CBD promotes much better communication, but it’s likely due to the fact that the human brain is absolutely brimming over with cannabinoid receptors.

CBD triggers a ton of activity.

People seem to become more expressive. They become better orators and are able to become completely focused on the topic/person at hand. This is the opposite of what you see in people who take high dosages of THC.

Instead of insecurity, the scatter-brain effect, complete blahness, or nervousness, CBD promotes smooth, natural, awake, and aware communication. And as you can imagine, this is sexy to pretty much everyone…

Getting the picture here? If you’ve never used CBD, the hardest part of describing it is the “non-high highness” of CBD. You’re high on life let’s say, rather than THC.

Time to Experiment

Our answer is yes, cannabinoids, especially CBD, have a fabulous chance of improving and igniting your sex life. Especially if anxiety, stress, and depression are weighing you down.

But you have to experiment!

That’s what it comes down to. Our suggestion would be to try some CBD concentrate as soon as possible. If you want to tangle with THC that’s fine and dandy, but the vast majority of what you’re after is found through CBD.

Try a CBD-rich hemp oil paste. Share an edible with high CBD concentrations with your lover or before a night on the town. Give a wonderfully lemon scented CBD Massage Oil a go. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if for whatever reason you don’t experience any sexually sizzling effects, you’re still supplementing your ECS system with astoundingly healthy phytocannabinoids.