Cannabios: A Groundbreaking New Massage Oil


Holy smokes, registered massage therapists far and wide are scrambling to get their hands on bottles of new organic Cannabios massage oils enriched with CBD to help them treat their clients like never before!

What’s the dealeo?

First of all Cannabios is naturally infused with cannabidiol (CBD), without THC which means it’s legal in all US 50 states and 42 countries around the world. And the product comes from Trompetol:

Just A Smidgen About The Source of Cannabios

Trompetol Brand Icon

In the beginning of the CBD topical market, and CBD-rich hemp oils, creams, balms, and salves for massage therapy, there stood Trompetol. They were the first to take these skin products to the next level using CBD concentrate and have been developing formulas for about a decade now.

But that’s not all you should know:

  • The industrial hemp plants they grow and harvest in the Czech Republic for their Cannabios massage oil are heavily inspected and certified organic under strict European regulations.
  • They use the most modern, full spectrum Co2 extraction method to get the therapeutic CBD oil concentrate from leaves and stems. No preservatives, non-GMO, no toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances to worry about.
  • The company prides itself on sustainable farming practices and environmental approaches to processing.

But to be honest, massage therapists are more concerned with how it helps their clients. Let’s face it, like most other working folks the better the results they can deliver the more successful they become.

So it really means something that the most common word attributed to using organic massage oil with CBD to treat a large array of skin conditions is…miraculous!

As is, there’s nothing else in existence that compares with CBD when it comes to massage therapy. Period. The science behind why is really complex, and I don’t want to bore you with that, so let’s talk about my direct experience after I ordered a 200 ml bottle of Cannabios organic massage oil for myself.

My Experience with Cannabios Massage Oil

Cannabios Lemon Massage Oil Bottle

Imagine coating your skin in luxuriously refined lemon-velvet. Yeah…

If you don’t like the rich aroma of lemons don’t bother. I grow lemon verbena myself in my garden at home so I adored the oil as soon as I sensed it. It smells to me the way a warm cup of organic honey, Oolong tea, and freshly squeezed lemon juice tastes.

Ever had a Lemon Drop? I’m talking about the little yellow lemon-flavored candies. If you’ve ever smelled one then you know exactly how the oil smells just in a much earthier, natural way. Okay…I know you want to see a quick-pic of my lemon verbena plant. It’s on the left there. This pic’s from the summer of 2014, it’s much taller and bushier now, but you can also see some of my basil and oregano plants beginning to take shape.

Lemon Verbena Oregano Herbs

Anyhow, in terms of smell the Cannbios massage oil is only potent in the lemon department momentarily then quickly dissipates as it sinks in and absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy residue, stickiness, or that unpleasant oily sensation.

But for massages the softness and silkiness lasts. Let’s talk about some more of the benefits of working with this particularly therapeutic massage oil with CBD.

Extra Benefits for Massage Therapists

So what I did was spend a few hours online reading every product review I could find regarding massage oils with CBD. It’s still a very young market but they’re out there.

Here’s what I found.

  • Rejuvenation: Your client’s skin will brighten, taking on a healthier vibrant radiance beyond merely being moisturized.
  • Pain Relief: Expect plenty of excited clients freaking out about the amazing arthritic and soft tissue pain relief.
  • Complexion: Many people when they use CBD creams and massage oils on their faces see a pronounced reduction in blocked pores, dark circles around eyes, and the dreaded blackheads.
  • Acne Relief: Active irritating acne is immediately soothed and through continued use the skin condition starts fading.
  • Inflammation: Skin redness and irritation are reduced almost immediately for people across the board…again, miraculous!
  • Soreness: It relaxes hardened muscles, relieves tension, and leaves skin not only protected but nourished and silky smooth.

And hey, it’s affordable! Trust me, a little bit goes a long ways with Cannabios massage oil. For massage therapists expect a solid return on your investment as more referrals come in and your brand expands due to delivering exceptional results.

CBD is a great afternoon relaxation tool that melts away stress, improves overall sleep patterns, tackles migraines and headaches with a swiftness, and treats musculoskeletal pain of all kinds.

The Ingredients

Alright, so most people will already be familiar with the majority of these ingredients. What’s important is that they’re clean, organic, and provide an entourage effect when combined with CBD.

  • Organic Olive Oil: Cold-pressed to protect healthy amino acids and this oil’s tremendous hydrating and antioxidant powers. It also helps the CBD relieve redness and irritated skin.
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil: You get the entire spread of omega-3 fatty acids at an ideal ratio for bioavailability. A huge anti-inflammatory oil.
  • Cannabinoid Complex (CBD): Professionally lab-extracted from the leaves and stems of organic industrial hemp plants, grown in organic soil, with consistent potency and therapeutic benefits galore.
  • Organic Almond Oil: Another easy to absorb essential oil that softens skin and muscle tissue for that revitalized and vibrant skin-afterglow.
  • Organic Citrus Lemon Peel Oil: A powerful antibacterial agent that’s great for all skin types and adds that unforgettable and alluring fragrance myself and many others adore. Plus it dissipates quickly and becomes a very soft smell on the skin.

Conclusion: Your Clients Will Love Cannabios Massage Oil!

I find myself using the bottle more than I probably should if I want it to last.

What can I say, I really dig this oil and relish how it makes my skin feel after application.

Because I work out really hard four days a week rubbing it into my shoulder, neck, upper back, chest, and arm muscles really improves my recovery time. And it helps me relax in the evening. The knowledge that I’m giving my body all these amazing and miraculous cannabinods is really just icing on the massage oil cake.

Click the picture below to check it out for yourself!

Cannabios Massage Oil with CBD Lemon