Can CBD Oil Cure Your Psoriasis?


Holy smokes folks, did you know there’s an actual “psoriasis market” the big honchos estimate will be worth $7.4 billion by 2020…

…yeah well, medicinal marijuana and CBD oil from organic industrial hemp are going to take a big bite out of that despicable number!

Hi, my name’s Damien Darby, a contributing author here at, and you’re wondering if CBD, or potent cannabidiol-based creams and ointments can cure your psoriasis. Is it just a help, a dud, or a viable treatment?

Given the market-worth to the status quo it shouldn’t shock you to find out, as I did, that there’s a HUGE void of official study and R & D being done on this particular subject despite the tremendous interest all over the world.

However, what does exist is an extensive and growing pool of testimonials in online forums, comment sections after relevant articles, and social media conversations. Like this post on Facebook from a man named Jeff Ditchfield:

CBD Psoriasis Treatment Pictures

In the comments section people were curious what he used, and here was his response:

Jeff Ditchfield Psoriasis CBD

And that’s what I found so amazing!

Within the first hour I came across at least 20-30 different homemade creams made out of CBD from different strains, coconut oil, rosemary, and all manner of other essential oils and serums that people are combining in different ways and seeing tremendous results.

What Kind of Results?

Here’s a small sampling and I’m paraphrasing here:

  • Disenchantment: Many people that are turning to CBD oil and cannabis oil creams are disenchanted with conventional treatments, pharmaceuticals, self-injection methods, and steroid creams. They’ve been through the ringer. Then, “so and so” got them to try a CBD cream and KABOOM, instant results of varying degrees.
  • Thinning: Among the many other side-effects of conventional treatments, the one that seems to come up the most often is the “thinning of skin” over time which leads to skin weakness and damaged cells. CBD oil, ointments and creams, even if they don’t work, do not cause this.
  • Miraculous: By miraculous I mean if you surf around different forums you’ll encounter tons of people who saw near-immediate positive results! Usually after years of seeing no results, or minimal results, from orthodox treatments.
  • Varied: While some people saw their psoriasis completely vanish, many others experienced different shades of improvement. So, for example, inflammation and itching go away but not the psoriasis altogether.
  • Weakness: For those who experiment with homemade CBD creams, the biggest piece of advice they give people is, “if your cream doesn’t seem to be working, it’s likely due to the fact that it has a weak CBD potency. Try a stronger CBD [or THC] oil.”
  • Symptoms: 80% of the people you’ll read will claim to have seen an improvement in psoriasis symptoms as a result of experimenting with CBD (and THC) oils: flaking, redness, itching, soreness, bleeding, etc.
  • Intake: Some people see positive effects from smoking cannabis, while others use THC creams, while others use CBD oils without THC or even CBD vapes. There’s a wide variety here. But it’s promising!

Yes, you’ll encounter folks claiming they saw no improvement whatsoever. But they seem to be a minority, and typically also claim to have conjured up their own remedies out of other herbs and oils. The confusing thing is, even if you decide to go for it and give it a shot treating psoriasis…there’s a zillion different amateur recipes out there.

How much should you make, out of what, and at what strength? This is the sort-of brick wall that people like you are hitting right now. I hope to help you with this in a moment, but first, I’ll show you these.

Two Studies on CBD as a Potential Psoriasis Treatment

Here’s what I could find after digging around through forums and search engines. There’s a handful of others, but bogging your mind down right now isn’t my goal. Here’s the links to the studies with their results:

Study #1: “Cannabinoids Inhibit Human Keratinocyte Proliferation…”


“The results indicate that while CB receptors may have a circumstantial role in keratinocyte proliferation, they do not contribute significantly to this process. Our results show that cannabinoids inhibit keratinocyte proliferation, and therefore support a potential role for cannabinoids in the treatment of psoriasis.”

Study #2: “Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Topical THC…”


“Topically applied THC can effectively attenuate contact allergic inflammation by decreasing keratinocyte-derived pro-inflammatory mediators that orchestrate myeloid immune cell infiltration independent ofCB1/2 receptors. This has important implications for the future development of strategies to harness cannabinoids for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.”

Conclusion: The Ball’s in Your Court

Right, so the first thing is to ask yourself if it’s legal to get your hands on a strong THC-based cannabis oil. If not, and you don’t want to risk doing something illegal, then the second best option is trying non-THC CBD oil derived from organic industrial hemp plants. This is legal just about everywhere.

Beauty Cream Hemp Oil LotionOption #1: CBD Beauty Cream and Natural Skin Lotion

An emulsion of organic olive oil, hemp seed oil and natural cannabis (non-THC) extracts, this gentle CBD cream might be a good place to start. Cannabios is made by a European company that adheres to strict EU guidelines and is one of the frontrunners in promoting medicinal hemp oil as a natural treatment for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


Natural CBD Psoriasis Treatment Hemp LotionOption #2: Natural CBD Psoriasis Treatment Hemp Skin Lotion

This is a stronger blend of essential oils that’ve been infused with high-potency CBD oil and cannabis extract. Other ingredients include organic Tea Tree, lavender, lemon, and olive essential oils. Because of its strength, this product isn’t recommended for people with hyper-sensitive allergies.

If nothing else is working, absolutely nothing I’ve seen anywhere tells me you have anything to lose by trying a non-THC CBD, or if possible, a stronger THC oil. But please, PLEASE, if you make your move and try something like perhaps the two products above, add to the conversation online and share your results because as of right now people like you are all anyone has to rely on for information.

Let’s hope that soon medicinal marijuana and CBD oil are allowed to flourish the world-over and more funding is given to people that would like to further investigate cannabinoids and their ability to treat psoriasis and other types of chronic skin inflammation and dryness issues. Thanks for reading!