Rather Buy Hemp CBD Online? You’re Not Alone


In early 2018, close to 70% of us are choosing to buy hemp CBD online,  followed by roughly 20% turning to smoke shops and 9’ish% choosing dispensaries. Let’s explore what’s going on.

So, I recently lived with an ER psych nurse for about 6 months (just as a roommate to help with her large split-level home over the Christmas season), and watched her lifestyle and psychology transform thanks in part to hemp CBD.

No naming names here, but let’s just say she was a troubled woman, primarily because of her demanding job. It’s hard to spend so much time with people addicted to opiates, teens threatening to kill themselves, adults trying to game the system for more drugs, and folks of all walks struggling with debilitating anxiety, PTSD,  and psychosis.

It wears on you after 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-day shifts, week after week, month after month.

For too many years she’d been turning to alcohol to self-medicate and yes, it took hold of her, something she’s grappling with. But, I was the one to finally introduce her to hemp CBD.

She’s now a regular at a couple local dispensaries, and similar to so many other cities and towns across the nation they can’t get the CBD products on the shelves fast enough. Too much demand. She loves the CBD-infused drinks with THC for her days off, the non-THC candy edibles for work days, non-THC CBD-infused sugar for her coffee, and the convenient tinctures so she can add a drop to this or that.

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She’s cut down her alcohol consumption. Her attitude has definitely improved. And it’s great on the joints after she takes her two dogs on trail-runs most mornings.

She just celebrated her 45th birthday.

Did CBD miraculously cure her alcoholism? No, but it’s helping to offset the drinking and there’s no negative side-effects.


My Current Roomate

I swear I don’t plan this. My current roommate is a 46 year old retired super yacht and coast guard captain. He was forced to retire after a horrible accident that destroyed a large part of his brain stem…wow!

To spare you of the specifics of his condition, listen, he’s doing great. The medical system made him suffer through on his own it for the first three years for financial reasons, but it was because of that he discovered and opts to buy hemp CBD online.

The guy’s amazing. So strong! A survivor. He basically had to re-learn most things you and I likely take for granted. Is his case, the CBD’s helped him deal with neurological challenges, or has seemed to, while calming him down because he’s so easily over-stimulated.

Whenever he’s having trouble sleeping, he takes a couple drops and has an easier time nodding off.

Many of the college kids around here now are as used to the label “CBD” as they are “THC.” I actually ran into a very straight-edge looking early 20-something outside a dispensary just the other day. He was in impeccable shape, so not the normal stereotype for dispensaries in my town.

What you here for bro?” I questioned in my usual friendly manner.

Oh, I get a CBD tincture for hip pain from a sports injury.” he candidly replied.

Impressed, I’m like, “That’s awesome,” and then asked, “how did you hear about CBD?

He thought a couple seconds then said, Originally, from a short Vice News video. You heard of Vice?

Later on I looked around and I think the video that inspired him might have been this one: Exploring the ‘Limitless Future’ of a Weed Extract that Doesn’t Get You High.

Suddenly, and I’ve been around all this since 2012, CBD is everywhere! Sure, I’m in a pretty liberal Pacific Northwest city, but it only takes a quick look at the headlines and yeah, on one end are all the amazing things people are experiencing, and on the other there’s the state and federal drama.


That being said, let’s look at some numbers to get a closer look.


How Popular is Hemp CBD, Really?

A market research & predictive analytics company called the Brightfield Group published a whopping Hemp CBD Report around the summer of 2017 looking at CBD’s place in the legal cannabis market in the U.S. and here’s the hot ticket info:

A Major segment of the legal cannabis industry is the hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) market. According to a report by Forbes, Brightfield Group projects that Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) will be a billion-dollar market in just three years. CBD products do not have any psychotropic effects, and are usually used for medical purposes. Brightfield’s data estimates that hemp CBD sales hit $170 million in 2016 and at a 55% compound annual growth rate over the next five years the market will cross the billion-dollar mark.

So Hemp-derived CBD is set to be a billion dollar industry by 2020. As I write this it’s just about March of 2018 and sales for HempforFtness are steady.

But how does the overall hemp-CBD industry look?

Only numbers I could really find were from the same Hemp CBD report. This is how it broke down about 7 or 8 months ago.

  • CW Hemp, made by CW Botanicals owns 7% of the market,
  • Followed by PlusCBD Oil made by CV Sciences with 5% of the market.
  • The next three names are tied with 2% market share and they are Elixinol, HempMeds by Medical Marijuana Inc. and CannazALL by Hemp Life Today.

An indication of the fragmentation of this market is that 79% of the market is made up of companies with very low sales comparatively.

HempforFitness is one of many small American brands that relies primarily on digital sales from across the nation, and personal referrals. Most of the online CBD industry is the Wild West ATM, but it’s an honest company that’s been struggling through all this social transformation since early 2014.

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It’s up to you. To me. To all of us, whether we’re going to keep the U.S. hemp CBD market open and decentralized, or dominated by fat hogs on Wall Street and big corporations.

Online sales are keeping the bread and butter of this industry alive!

Soon, once the industry grows to the point it’s possible, we’ll be in stores from sea to shining sea. Right now it’s a matter of getting the government to step out of the way of domestic hemp farming and open cannabis research.


Top 3 Reasons People Buy Hemp CBD Online

  1. Convenience: A good percentage of Americans, especially in the midwest, don’t have local retail access to hemp CBD for a variety of reasons.
  2. Privacy: Online you don’t have to worry about being in a social setting, or questioned, or embarrassed, etc. Some fret the stigma of being seen around Marijuana products.
  3. Direct Marketing: Most conventional marketing methods aren’t accessible to small hemp CBD brands. The digital ‘system’ hasn’t embraced it yet. This has forced small hemp CBD companies to make their marketing very personalized (like this article).

Oh boy, that third reason was actually commented on by Bethany Gomez, the Director of Research at Brightfield Group.

Essentially everyone is trying to do hemp, but only a handful are doing it well. It’s seen as easy because it can be sold online but, with restrictions on traditional marketing, it is very difficult to connect with your core consumer and even communicate why they need your product.”

Ain’t that the truth!

We’re trying though, and so far hundreds of people have interacted with the site via comments and reaching out to our customer support team with questions and concerns.

If you’d rather buy your CBD online give HempforFitness a shot. Soon we plan to re-invest CBD revenue into a better site, an updated easier to use store, and more outreach.

Thanks for reading. Talk again soon.

The HempforFitness Team