American Hemp CBD 2016: The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly


There’s quite literally a globalized command structure in place that’s radically transformed the face of our world and societies to keep all natural hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) out of your body and CBD-rich hemp plant cultivars from blooming on American soil.

On the surface it may seem like “They” are losing, and that marijuana/hemp (cannabis!) prohibition is finally being overcome by the people, for the people, but that’s simply not true…

Here, let’s quickly bring you up to speed.

A Brief Look at the History of CBD

1839: While it’s somewhat common knowledge humans have turned to CBD-rich hemp elixirs low in psychoactive THC for many thousands of years across the globe for almost any ailment you can think of (thanks to what we now call the Human Endocannabinoid System, or ECS), CBD was first introduced to conventional western medicine by William Brooke O’Shaughnessy MD FRS, a true pioneer of cannabis therapy, in 1839. Incredibly, you can actually read his original 1843 article “On The Preparations of Indian Hemp, Or Gunja” published on the Provincial Medical Journal. He drew upon Ayurvedic and Persian physicians from the orient, conducted the first clinical human/animal cannabis elixir trials, created the first measured dosages, and was accredited by the west at the time with bringing a “wonder drug to treat some of the most awful medical conditions of the 19th century.” (1)

1839-1939: Over a hundred cannabinoid-based peer reviewed articles emerge from America and Europe in scientific journals hailing hemp for its wondrous medicinal properties with O’Shaughnessy’s work as their inspiration, building upon his CBD-rich elixirs and human dosage recommendations. Remember what you’ve just learned in the last roughly 30 seconds the next time someone says human CBD trials are lacking. Such deception! Such fraud!

1940-1942: CBD was identified in 1940 and then isolated in western medical literature in 1942 by Roger Adams (descended from President John Adams) working under The U.S. Narcotics Bureau of Washington using “marihuana red oil of Minnesota wild hemp” supplied by The U.S. Treasury Department. This study was done to show CBD’s relationship to another phytocannabinoid, cannabinol (CBN), first isolated in 1896. In his paper (or see Patent US2304669) Adams clearly states, “The procedure for obtaining cannabidiol through the ester has now been improved to the point where 45-50% of the purified red oil can be shown to be cannabidiol.” (2)

1963: Thanks to the brilliant work of R. Mechoulam and Y. Shvo out of Israel the specific chemical structure of CBD was identified. (3)

1970s-80s: Obscure studies surface here and there despite cannabis prohibition showing the stunning potential of CBD culminating in the 70’s and a bit in the 80’s. But CBD-dominant cannabis of all kinds had all but disappeared thanks to both Black Market or “street weed” growers breeding for pungent and sticky high-THC strains and establishment eradication at all levels of industrial society. Even in recent times we’re seeing corruption, contamination, and elusive CBD levels within the now largely legalized “Medical” marijuana market. One such example is the Colorado Study in early 2015 that showed on average CBD levels of 0.1% out of over 600 different marijuana samples while THC levels continue to soar today. (4)

Mid-90’s: The term “Endocannabinoid” is coined and cannabinoid science begins truly unveiling the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), cannabinoid receptors, etc.

1996-1998: After decades of demonization, the fraudulent War on Drugs, and being completely taken off the radar by the corporate/political establishment (under thoroughly unscientific terms, made clearer by the day through contemporary cannabinoid/ECS research), in 1996 Proposition 215 appears in CA and passes despite an FDA blessing, kicking off a new medical marijuana movement. Then in 1998 a British pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals, was created by a profoundly well-connected Big Pharma duo to begin developing CBD-dominant marijuana for use in clinical trials that only proved what British scientists had demonstrated a century before using hemp. They obtained their seeds from the Dutch seed company HortaPharm. (5)

2001: The U.S. Government, or National Institute of Health (NIH), files patent 6630507 (obtained in 2003) which states, “The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.” What this means is that they claimed control over cannabinoids to determine who gets access/rights to CBD production, manufacturing, research and distribution. More on this a bit later.

2003: CBD is kept very quiet outside select circles until in 2003 researchers, activists, and journalists published the first edition of O’Shaughnessy’s Journal to cover advances in CBD and cannabis-based medicine.

2004: A U.S. Federal Appeals Court ruled that a company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, could legally import hemp for its product as long as it contained less than 0.3% THC, and that the DEA cannot, “regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from marijuana—i.e., non-psychoactive hemp products—because non-psychoactive hemp is not included in Schedule I. The DEA has no authority to regulate drugs that are not scheduled, and it has not followed procedures required to schedule a substance.” This ruling by Judge B. Fletcher basically opened the floodgates to sell hemp-based products throughout the nation, reinvigorating and supercharging the growing push for the return of domestic hemp farming that would really pick up steam about a decade later. (6)

2006-2010: Between these years America witnessed Harborside Health Center open its doors in Oakland, CA, along with the founding of Project CBD to begin truly building a grassroots system of tracking and developing CBD strains like Sour Tsunami. Even they stayed away from hemp however, with the focus almost entirely put on CBD dominant “whole plant” marijuana.

2011-2014: GWPharma’s CBD-based animal study showing promise for epilepsy is released, the explosion of Charlotte’s Web strains in Colorado causes the creation of a new citizen class – Cannabis Refugees, cannabis oil is hailed as the cure and a non-toxic treatment for a litany of ills (just like in 1839 Europe thanks to O’Shaughnessy), mainstream medical marijuana documentaries begin airing on CNN, and the marijuana stocks bubble is unleashed upon an ill-informed public desperate for alternatives to an opioid-based Big Pharma dominated medical system on the brink of collapse.

2015: While legal marijuana sales soar over $5 billion, up some 17.4% over 2014 (7), I honestly couldn’t find any concrete data on the amount of domestic CBD-dominant hemp, or imported hemp for that matter, being used to make CBD-rich extracts, oils, and concentrates. The numbers coming out of Europe show that there was 8,000 ha of industrial hemp in 2011, which has expanded to over 25 as of 2016 with expectations to triple over the next 5 years or so. American domestic supply is lagging, but should begin really producing crops across the nation by 2018-2020.

Pretty wild ride eh?

And that’s not the whole story of CBD by any means. We’ve only dipped our toes into the rabbit hole here folks. There’s much more to discover.

But as you can see hemp was basically squashed by the industrial revolution that chose to go in other, let’s be honest, more destructive directions. The world’s been awash in THC dominant marijuana, but hemp-based CBD has been HEAVILY suppressed since the late 1800s.

It’s still being suppressed even now despite what you may’ve heard. Well I’m here to help set the record straight!

Hemp prohibition has been and continues to be a crime against humanity, perpetuated by an intertwined web of powerful interests: Big Agra and Big Pharma oligarchs; the Military Industrial Complex’s opium and oil war machines; politicians galore; synthetic fiber, plastics, timber, and chemical manufacturers; the prison complex and law enforcement unions; a litany of federal alphabet agencies along with a small contingent of Wall Street and Silicon Valley financed marijuana-cannabis corporations not affectionately coined Big Pot who are bed with them.

Okay, that said, let’s dial this down a bit and look at the Wild West-style Hemp CBD industry in 2016 America through a much more specific example that hit close to home for me personally.

A Microcosm of the Issues Facing Hemp-Derived CBD Extracts

After nearly a year of intermittent conversation, my oldest brother finally took my word for it and invested $65 in a tincture of CBD-rich hemp oil. Marijuana, or the experience of THC, is of no interest to him as he doesn’t enjoy it. Nor does he require it for any medical purpose.

He said he gave up THC back in the late 70’s or mid 80’s or something.

Right, so did he buy the tincture online?



Well, because he’s a stubborn 62-year-old man who survives on a very limited income and doesn’t trust purchasing something like this from an online store or website. So instead, one of my other brothers who has a Medical Marijuana card bought it from a local “Medical” dispensary near where they live in WA.

Since the product isn’t psychoactive and labeled as a dietary supplement, they didn’t see any legal issue with it like there would be if it were a marijuana-based product.

Anyways, I was very excited to say the least. His aging body can benefit so immensely from supplemental hemp cannabidiol in its natural state in so many ways. But it would be a couple weeks before I was able to get off the island and visit him so I could see the bottle for myself.

And what did I find?

I found a bottle that didn’t list cannabidiol anywhere. Not in the ingredients list, the nutrition facts label, in the copy, no cannabinoid ratios, nothing. All it basically said was a) this is a dietary supplement, and b) there’s “hemp extract” in it.

Sigh…he sees the disappointed aggravated look on my face and protests,

The guy at the dispensary said it has a 26:1 CBD to THC ratio, and he even gave me a deal because he said it was his last bottle. They sell like hot cakes!

Unfortunately, I had to tell him there’s likely very little to absolutely no active CBD in his tincture whatsoever.

Fast forward a couple weeks when I give him a call and it’s as I suspected, he hasn’t felt anything or noticed any change in either his physiology or behavior. Trust me, forgiving an undiagnosed ECS deficiency, if that tincture had as much CBD as he was led to believe he would’ve experienced pronounced impacts on his lifestyle and mental state of being.

Now where will he turn?

The Horrid State of the U.S. Hemp Supply Chain for Online CBD-Rich Hemp Products

I believe right now a little over half of the American union has in some way legalized industrial hemp farming thanks to legislation like H.R. 3037, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2005, and the Agricultural Act of 2014 which allows universities and state departments of agriculture to begin farming hemp for “various purposes”. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 is still making its way through D.C.

That being said, the VAST majority of all raw and processed hemp stalk being used to make mainstream “CBD-dominant” hemp products to be sold online in America right now is imported from China. The next batters up are Romania, Hungary, and India. (8)

China runs the show though, but 80% of their industrial hemp is used in the textile sector. (9)

We’re talking hemp yarn, woven fabrics and seed-based dietary products which contain absolutely no THC or CBD. Currently, there isn’t any “Medicinal Hemp” legislation in China, but possession of THC-Marijuana (above 0.3% THC) is strictly forbidden. It’s been said that if caught with enough marijuana, you could get the death penalty… so it’s no joke over there. (10)

Needless to say, not many Chinese farmers are likely taking any risks. Would you?

As I mentioned earlier, if you look for data concerning how much hemp is being imported to the US for CBD extracts there basically is none. Not from China anyway. They claim they have strict controls, but as for end consumers you get no clue. You don’t know what you’re putting into your body when you purchase many hemp-based CBD extracts online.

That’s a fact.

As far as Romania, the primary hemp producer in Europe, they’re hemp market is being dominated by companies like Medical Marijuana Inc., (11) which have gotten into all kinds of hot water with consumers over toxins present in their products or low to non-existent CBD levels.

Remember when I mentioned the U.S. government’s cannabinoid patent gave them control over the production cycle? Well, one company that got license is KannaLife Science, or Kannaway, the marketing arm of stock traded Medical Marijuana Inc., who just recently were awarded the right to legally distribute their hemp extracts in Mexico…while the FDA is doing all it can to put their competition out of business outside a courtroom.

Over the last few years dozens of Wall Street-style publicly traded companies have sprung up and flooded the US with so-called Hemp CBD products. Many people like my brother are being scammed, I believe, because regulations regarding the labeling of these products are aggressively held in a grey area to benefit a select few.

The Billionaire Marijuana Connection

It might seem on the surface like the Medical Marijuana movement of the 21st century is thanks in large part to compassionate grassroots-style “liberty” movements and a galvanized public…but that’s not true. In part, yes, but under the surface this movement has been funded by a pretty small group of ultra-wealthy oligarchs and their foundations/organizations, most notable of which, and the front runner, is George Soros.

This quote concerning he and fellow billionaire Peter B. Lewis should shed some light on what I’m driving at here,

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, a grass-roots group that supported pot legalization in Colorado, was established by the Marijuana Policy Project and was 67 percent funded by nonprofits associated with the two billionaires. The campaign then bankrolled Moms and Dads for Marijuana Regulation, a seemingly unassociated group of pro-legalization parents that in reality consisted of only a billboard and a press release, according to state election records.” (12)

Loosely veiled fraud and cosmic amounts of funding. Go ahead, read that Washington Times article from 2014 and see how it utterly re-shapes your perspective of what’s happening to the production cycle of CBD. Then ask yourself, why would these sorts of people go to such lengths considering the other types of activities Mr. Soros and his ilk are engaged in?

But I digress…

So while the THC movement goes nuts on billionaire funding, in February 2015, the FDA came forward with test results after looking at a smorgasbord of hemp products claiming they contained CBD and found very little to none in some cases (13). Then again a year later, similar FDA test results attacked the hemp-derived CBD online market. This time most of the suppliers had CBD, but sources and activity levels are unclear. (14)

Skepticism really began building around the time of Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) scandal in 2013 when the former Head of Science for Medical Marijuana Inc., and Dixie Elixirs Inc., Tamar Wise, went whistleblower published this publicly on Facebook,

I’m tired of so called CBD companies claiming that what they provide is medicine. Anyone using CBD from a hemp product please be aware of what you’re actually getting b/c it is not what you think. These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste contaminated with microbial life (I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvents and other toxins as the extraction is done in China) made using a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption. What these companies are doing is criminal and dangerous. In fact, MJNA’s RSHO is literally just this hemp paste diluted in hemp seed oil. No refinement at all!!! And what Dixie Botanicals is offering is beyond disturbing. I cannot keep quiet anymore. And since I formulated most of these products as head of Dixie science, I feel responsible for spreading the truth. I left Dixie for ethical reasons but it is not enough to just walk away. These frauds need to be exposed for what they are.


It’s ugly out there folks. As a writer and researcher for Hemp for Fitness over the last couple years in the trenches, I can tell you it really is a corporate-government-mafia dominated Wild West show.
I’ve seen the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies sprout to feast on the gargantuan demand for hemp-based CBD, while the “legal” and potent supply remains extremely limited.

That’s my opinion. That’s what I’ve seen firsthand since early 2014.

It’s a system that doesn’t want you to discover companies like Hemp for Fitness. It wants you to either a) give your money to the THC-dominated marijuana industry, or b) so-called “Hemp CBD” companies I wouldn’t trust if you paid me to.

Hemp for Fitness: A CBD-Diamond in the Rough

Now I wish I could adequately describe to you how unbelievably hard it’s been for Marjan, Founder & Owner of Hemp for Fitness LLC., to get her full spectrum hemp products to you. I do…

While a handful of companies all sourcing their product from the same questionable sources are making endless millions, Marjan has to climb mountains for every sale, to reach one person and impact their lives.

It’s truly f’ing profound.

She started the company after watching cannabinoids save her father from terminal brain cancer, and for the first year got pretty caught up in the frenzy. Since then I’ve had to remove about 80% of the products that were on the site due to low quality and controversy surrounding the companies supplying them.

Then there were all the headaches we went through trying to figure out a way to make it possible for you to actually purchase products from the website. Setting up a payment processor was a nightmare, and even still the conventional banking industry completely shuns smaller hemp CBD brands outside the select few who have no problems to say nothing of marijuana businesses traded on the Stock Market.

I haven’t even begun to mention how the titans of the digital world have made it all but impossible for her to reach you. Google has closed many doors, along with Facebook, Etsy, and the lion’s share of all conventional online advertising methods.

The Lack of a Distinct American Hemp Culture

A big part of the issue here is that there really is no hemp culture, distinct from marijuana/THC culture, almost anywhere. Hemp gets a TINY fraction of the PR marijuana does. THC gets all the air time. Hemp-derived CBD is treated as some kind of “new alternative drug” yet it’s been used for innumerable generations across the globe.

When I look at cannabis culture today I see an orgy of THC. This lack of a hemp culture is making it very hard for Marjan and genuine hemp-based companies like hers to reach people through the haze of bud pictures, new innovative ways to ingest massive amounts of THC and hardcore potent marijuana terpene profiles, and a bombardment of corporate-backed and billionaire funded marketing campaigns.

This unbelievably complex web of influences layered throughout modernity to keep you from being made aware of simple and effective Hemp for Fitness products like this:


I’ve watched Marjan put tremendous strain on her relationships and her marriage, amass a huge amount of debt all by her lonesome, and devote a year and a half of her life to source that one Hemp CBD product for you.

It’s a 1.5ml cartridge of “Hemp Vape Oil” infused with saffron, not only for the synergistic health benefits of saffron and saffron terpenes, but also due to the fact Marjan is Persian and her father is a lifelong Persian holistic medicine practitioner.

But here’s what really counts ladies and gentlemen, and the primary reason it’s taken a long string of micro-miracles to make this available for you to purchase right now, online, and have it shipped to your front door if you wanted to:

Hemp CBD Vape Oil Cannabinoid Profile

Verified CBD content. Listen folks, if you don’t see a reputable CoA showing cannabinoid profiles don’t buy it. That’s my advice and I’m sticking to it.

Hell, she even designed this classy Hemp Vape Pen

Hemp CBD Vape Pen

I actually got a chance to use one myself when I flew out to Chicago to visit her over the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday. What an honor. I got to meet her parents and even see Jamie Kennedy perform comedy live.

Here’s a snapshot of Marjan and I surrounded by a plant we both love and respect – hemp!

Team Hemp for Fitness

Listen, if you’re an honest person who works hard and is interested in the American hemp extract industry, she’s a person to get in contact with. If you’re searching for a potent and quality hemp concentrate or perhaps a hemp skin care product, I’d give her company some consideration.

Because from where I’m sitting, years from now it’s going to be people like Marjan and small businesses like hers who generations of Americans look back on and thank. In an industry ripe with corruption and against truly unbelievable odds, here’s a woman putting it all on the line to make what amounts to a plant food or natural extract available to you that our ancestors revered above all other plants predating the written word.

Anyhow, I’ll end this here. I don’t think I’ve done the situation justice, and there’s so much to say, and so many more dimensions, and so many other players involved. But alas, for a blog post this is already pushing it.

À Votre Santé!


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