A Vision of American Cannabidiol Usage in 2025


Over the next couple minutes I propose we explore where the cannabidiol, or CBD for short, industry just might be in America by 2025.

Come on, it’ll be fun!

And I have no qualms with the fact that my take is likely a bit on the idealistic side. Sure. I’m an avid CBD and cannabis industry optimist. Are there plenty of people right now who believe Hemp, Medical Marijuana and cannabidiol (cannabis) markets will be completely dominated and controlled by the current corporate/government elite?

Yes, but I disagree with them.

Let me distill my vision into the five quasi-predictions below and we’ll see how much you agree. I’ll keep it brief so as to let your imagination wander and exploit the full potential and possibilities.

Prediction #1: Cannabidiol Will Be a Staple in the American Diet

I’m talking as common as sodium and corn syrup are today in most foods, from mass produced to boutique. I’m talking about it becoming a default component of Nutrition Labels for everything from bottled drinks and breakfast cereals to fitness supplements right under protein content or along with the vitamins perhaps.

What will the fallout look like on the national level? Here’s four ideas based on what we’re already seeing in states like Colorado and Washington where people are consuming cannabis products, many of which are high in CBD.

  • America’s anxiety and depression levels will substantially decrease.
  • Crime will go down across the board.
  • The usage of alcohol and cigarettes will decrease.
  • The national obesity rate will decrease.

While I could lay the digital smackdown and load this section with hyperlinks to tons of studies and research to back up my claims, I’ll leave it to you to do your own research. Evidence continues to build by the day.

Prediction #2: Cannabidiol Will Be Loads Cheaper

Right now, as we enter 2016 cannabidiol is expensive whether we’re talking the 100% legal kind that’s derived from industrial hemp or the more complicated kind that’s extracted from Marijuana strains.

Both are rather expensive for a variety of reasons. People are scrambling, healthy and sick alike, to integrate cannabinoids into their lifestyles and in time these efforts and consumer demand will lower prices.

By 2025…

  • Many more states will have fully legalized cannabis (hemp and marijuana), or legalized medical marijuana (which is primarily focused on the benefits of CBD anyway).
  • Research will have led to cannabis, and more specifically CBD, being taken off the Federal Schedule 1 list of controlled substances.
  • The supply of CBD onto the consumer market will have grown by leaps and bounds further pushing down prices.

Prediction #3: Cannabidiol Awareness Will Be Global

Today your average person has no idea cannabis is making a HUGE comeback on the world stage after close to a century of unjustified and corrupt prohibition for the sake of corporate greed and political cronyism. Right now the reeducation efforts are in full swing. HempforFitness and I are doing our part on a daily basis along with countless others.

Within a decade CBD essential oils, edibles, and topicals will be as much a part of consumer vernacular as rosemary and chocolate. Not just in America, but everywhere. By 2025 we’ll have reached that global Carl Jungian realization that clearly distinguishes “CBD” as a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant with immense value versus “getting stoned.”

Prediction #4: Cannabidiol Will Have Revolutionized Western Medicine

Well, more specifically cannabinoid and ECS (Endocannabinoid System) medical science. And this is a big topic for me that I could really go off on folks. Oh man! But for the sake of time, let’s just stick to these four simple themes.

  • Dramatic reduction in personal (national) healthcare costs – less pharmaceutical usage, more effective ECS-based treatments for an extensive list of health issues, less doctor’s office visits, etc.
  • With CBD as a part of the national diet, this will have a profound preventative impact on overall health. People will be healthier longer, be living leaner, and require less expensive treatments to remain so with 2025 ECS-based medicine.
  • Thanks to the rise of small family/private sector hemp farms, state hemp farming operations, and a more equal share of the CBD (cannabinoid) supply chain, the medical system (Big Pharma) will become less centralized and oligarchical.
  • By then the established medical industry will be schooled on the ECS, unlike now where most doctors didn’t hear much about it in Med School.

Prediction #5: Cannabidiol Will Pave the Way to Nationwide Hemp Farming

In terms of phytocannabinoids, I don’t think THC will be the one to do it. CBD will be the big winner in this arena.

I’ll go ahead and spare you a history lesson and just tell you that before roughly 80-100 years ago the cannabis plant was a systemic part of American industry, identity, and everyday living. In fact, America was built on a foundation of hemp. That’s no joke. In 2025 America it will become even more so thanks to modern medical science and manufacturing technology. As I write this in late December 2015, there are over 10,000 different products that can be made using the hemp plant outside of medical applications.

Just imagine how hemp’s going to turn around the domestic American economy once it’s set free again! If we completely legalized hemp farming tomorrow, by 2018 there would be a fully functioning hemp-based industry providing millions of jobs and thousands of products to be shipped around the world.

Believe! That’s what drives us here at HempforFitness.com. We believe. We’re cannabidiol and cannabis optimists. And when you purchase our CBD-rich products centered around industrial hemp extracts you’re showing you believe too.

Thanks for reading.