A CBD Face Cream to Get Your Skin Smiling


If you’re looking for an effective, affordable, readily available, and potent CBD face cream gentle enough for children this article’s tailored especially for you.

We’ll assume you’ve already done your research and don’t require a mini-education on how incredible cannabidiol (CBD) is for the soft skin of your face in terms of overall upkeep, protection, maintaining a young and healthy appeal, and addressing many different skin conditions from crow’s feet to acne.

The only question in your mind is which product’s the best given how many options there are and how new the 21st century hemp oil, or CBD marketplace, is. Introducing Cannacura’s Trompetol CBD face cream infused with industrial hemp-based cannabidiol.

CBD Face Cream Bottle

I placed a bottle next to some of my favorite roots, Turmeric and Ginger, so you can get an idea of how big it is.

Why This CBD Face Cream Wins

First of all you can order it right now on HempforFitness.com, from just about anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your front door without worrying about any legal issues. The CBD extract comes from perfectly legal hemp farms in the Czech Republic.

Sustainably farmed and produced, organic, no animal testing, lab certified ingredients…the works.

It’s Only $25 a 40ml Bottle!

Considering how expensive cannabidiol is these days due to consumer demand, $25 a bottle is a steal. Plus, because of the rich creamy consistency a little bit goes a LONG ways. This isn’t an “everyday” kind of product, but more for times when your facial skin feels really dry, irritated, or in need of serious soothing.

Here’s how much I use at a time and this little bit easily sinks a nice layer of the nutrient-dense cream into my entire face no problem.

CBD Face Cream on Hand

Completely Clean and Natural Ingredients

  • Organic industrial hemp grown on sustainable farms in a clean climate.
  • No artificial colors, dyes, perfumes, toxic chemicals or preservatives whatsoever.
  • Lab screened, tested, and certified under both EU and US regulations.

No THC to Fret About

Nope, this CBD face cream won’t get you high…at…all. I’ve used it many times myself, as have countless others, and it’s not an issue. There are countless face creams with plant extracts and oils out there, this one happens to be derived from industrial hemp.

Fragrance: Rose & Geranium

The smell is gentle and almost completely goes away within seconds after rubbing it in. All that’s left is a faint pleasant rose scent. The other two base ingredients are rose oil and geranium oil, both of which are organic as well.

Ideal for all skin types, men, women, and children, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Just don’t go overboard lavishing your face with this CBD face cream because again, a little bit goes a ways.

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