President Trump: Where Are You on Hemp?


Mr. Trump, I know it’s wild of me to say this, but I think you could be the president that chooses to harness hemp far beyond what was accomplished in the “Hemp for Victory” campaign of 1942 under Roosevelt. There’s never been a better deal for Americans than hemp, and it can be good for everyone – including the earth and human-friendly ecosystems.

Mr. President, I’m not talking about Marijuana, but industrial hemp, the fiber-class plant that you’d have to smoke an entire field of just to get a headache. And, you can get an amazing silky smooth suit made with it as well.

Here at Hemp for Fitness we focus on providing industrial hemp plant extracts (vs. seed-based), but did you hear for the first time hemp paper’s being produced in Colorado, cleanly, and economically, from seed to sheet?

This is amazing because hemp can completely replace wood pulp. Through hemp we can nearly end deforestation, and the people of Colorado are instigating the transition.

They used to have to import the hemp fiber, but now they use hemp grown organically across their own state. It won’t be long until Marjan (Owner & Founder of Hemp for Fitness) is able use American hemp concentrates rather than oils sourced from European farmers.


The Bottom Line

Hemp’s the ultimate public works project. It’s a huge part of the New Deal this generation needs.

  1. If harnessed as an industry and supported by your administration, along with a litany of major corporations, hemp will create tens of millions of well-paying jobs while dramatically reducing our negative environmental impact. We can use this plant to make tens of thousands of healthier and eco-friendly consumer products; from paper and clothing, to medicine, cars, hempcrete and fuel.
  2. This would all but completely revitalize American soil (literally) and family farming. Just ask the hemp farmers in Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon and all over Canada.
  3. Hemp is a trillion dollar industry waiting to explode. And it’s going to explode because our society can’t really afford hemp prohibition much longer.
  4. There are ways to make hemp profitable for the vast majority of interests currently seeking to keep it out of the people’s hands.

I’m just a simple writer and researcher, but hell, I’d spearhead the initiative for you if given the chance.

In 1942 when “Hemp for Victory” film was produced by the U.S. government and sent to American farmers, they estimated we had roughly 32,000 acres of hemp growing primarily in Kentucky and Wisconsin. Through the concerted efforts under the Roosevelt administration they blew their goal of 50,000 acres for the war effort out of the water…reaching an estimated 375,000 acres inside a single calendar year.

No doubt it helped win the war.

You can take us well beyond that.

You could get “Hemp for Victory 2.0” off the ground and within a year we could grow 750,000 acres.

We could become a major exporter on the international stage, and at home build the foundations for a green-economic-boom of biblical proportions. We could use this plant’s fibers (strong enough to replace steel and glass) to revolutionize our infrastructure.

  • There’s no end to what we can make with hemp-based plastic and 3D printing tech.
  • We’re already seeing hemp nanosheets & supercapacitors.
  • Hemp seed can help us deal with our obesity epidemic while the plant extracts can help our population reduce opiate-based pharmaceutical usage.

We could quite frankly revolutionize not only spaceships, and rocket fuel, but space travel as well because we could grow hemp on the ship itself and provide fuel, food, clothing, etc., to those on board. Hemp would clean the soil naturally through phyto-remediation, produce amazingly clean air (it’s carbon-negative), and provide extra protection from cosmic and solar radiation thanks to it’s amazing properties.

Anyways, I could go on and on.

If there’s any man in this world that can understand what an amazing New Deal hemp is for America, and the world at large, it’s you. It really could be.

So, if you invited me to the White House for a sit-down and asked me to spell it out clear and simple, I’d give you my quick 3 phase plan:


Phase 1

End Hemp Prohibition & Open the Flood Gates

Why were Americans forced to buy $600 million in industrial hemp products from China and Canada in 2016 when we can grow it here? Why is America currently consuming roughly 90% of the world’s hemp, but we ourselves have incredibly limited cultivation/processing?

There’s already bills in congress to end hemp prohibition and has been for a while.

Currently, a White House petition entitled, “Let American Farmers Grow Hemp Once Again to Create Jobs and Rebuild the Rural Economy” has reached over 102,000 signatures and awaits a response from your administration. Please Mr. President, get behind hemp. With your word and through the support already in congress we can put an end to hemp prohibition and once again unleash what is arguably one of our oldest friends in the plant kingdom.


Phase 2

Plant Hemp Across the Nation – “Hemp for Victory 2.0” 750,000 Acre Goal

Through government support we can create a nationwide campaign to get 750,000 acres planted. Keep in mind sir this plant (and seed) is ready for production inside about 4 months if all goes well. Trust me, hemp will make Marijuana revenue look like child’s play.

Rural jobs. Farming jobs. Manufacturing jobs. Retail jobs. Engineering jobs. Infrastructure jobs. And no one’s getting high or intoxicated! Countless new small businesses will sprout up. It’ll be glorious and this is no pipe dream, it’s already happening, just at a snail’s pace because of failed Drug War policies and backwards-thinking special interests.


Phase 3

Show Major Corporations The Light

Shoes. Planes. Cars. Fuels. Biomass. Animal feed. Bread and butter…the list of potential hemp products waiting to be made here in America is near endless now. Everyone can make money. All major corporations can profit and do so in a much more eco-friendly and consumer-conscious way.

These three steps alone would bring about a paradigm shift.


Here’s for hoping.


May this message find you Mr. President. What say you?


Marjan and I, and countless other Americans, humbly await your answer.