The War on Hemp CBD Takes Two New Sinister Turns


Hey all, Damien Darby with you again writing from the green and sticky trenches of the US hemp-CBD industry and It seems as if in one fell swoop, TPTB are seizing control of CBD distribution and as usual in such an Orwellian way…I’m paraphrasing…

The essential oils & concentrates from industrial hemp are good for you, therefore you can’t have them.

Hemp = king of plant-based free and renewable resources, therefore you must pay insane amounts of money for it.

Whole-plant hemp-CBD is non-addictive, non-psychoactive medicine with no known way to overdose, therefore we must protect you from it.

So if you haven’t heard, CBD (Cannabidiol) and products containing it are now “medicine” per Britain’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or the MHRA…and as bad as heroin according to the DEA (big shocker there, but what’s Marihuana? They’re just creating new imaginary plants now?).

As a CBD-savvy American shocked by seeing the two words in a sentence together from a mainstream source (CBD & medicine), the first thing I thought was, “Who the hell’s the MHRA… is this legit?”

Looks that way folks, and while this from a grand view is a step in the right direction towards unleashing hemp-based CBD products, prepare for another confusing phase where supplies could get even shorter in the states, let alone the UK and Europe.

Don’t let either of these bureaucratic declarations deceive you, it seems as though the DEA and MHRA are doing essentially the same exact thing – attempting to seize control for specific corporate/pharmaceutical interests. Cronyism, what a surprise, right?

Who’s the MHRA?

The MHRA is an executive agency of the UK’s Dept. of Health, formed in 2003 through a merger of the Medicines Control Agency and the Medical Devices Agency. Because they look after public health they have the authority to take products off the market, suspend production of medicines, and prosecute manufacturers.


They collaborate closely with not only the European Medicines Agency but the FDA as well, so with the actions of the DEA a similar scheme must be in the works.

This is an exact quote taken directly off their website (here) from a spokesperson:

We have come to the opinion that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) used for medical purposes are a medicine. Medicinal products must have a product license (marketing authorisation) before they can be legally sold, supplied or advertised in the UK, unless exempt. Licensed medicinal products have to meet safety, quality and efficacy standards to protect public health.

Uh oh. To be more specific, currently a “marketing authorization” in the UK can cost MILLIONS and require the whole nine yards in terms of clinical trials. Now according to, you can get an “herbal registration” which is far less expensive and within reach of many small businesses/entrepreneurs but…

  • The product must be used traditionally to treat “accepted conditions” which are on the serious side for a minimum of 30 years, 15 of which must be in the EU.
  • The product must also be backed by “scientific evidence” showing it’s safe and effective and yep, they completely got the clamp down on not only defining what is and is not scientific evidence, but the purse strings in terms of funding generation of said evidence.

The Plot Thickens…

Yes, Britain has proclaimed hemp-based CBD to be in fact…MEDICINE! But hemp isn’t medicine the way Prozac is medicine, more like Turmeric or Aloe Vera salve. So why did they make this decision? Because, well, to be frank, a UK pharmaceutical company (GW Pharmaceuticals) recently published some of their blessed “evidence” and are about to get a marketing authorization along with FDA approval in the US for their new CBD-containing product Epidiolex.

That’s great if you’ve got “severe, orphan, early-onset, or treatment-resistant epileptic syndromes.” But what about every other human being with a nearly endless list of issues people are currently using hemp-based (and Marijuana-based) CBD products for?

These days, the lion’s share of Marjan’s calls come from parents interested in what hemp-based CBD can offer their child dealing with various types of ADHD. Another large portion are folks wondering how effective hemp-based vs. Marijuana-based CBD is for Pain Relief from a gauntlet of conditions.

The craziest part is this isn’t revolutionary…at…all. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is to a certain degree, but not the use of hemp-based products.

Listen, hemp-based “medicine” is about as new as coconut oil, or bacon grease, or the essential oil of rosemary. Hemp root creams and pastes were being used to treat conditions when the 10,000-year-old ancient Chinese pharmacopeia was being written. Back in the third millennium they were using hemp root juice as a diuretic…and…yeah.

In terms of CBD, hemp-based (vs. Marijuana-based) tinctures go back before record keeping began.

We know this. They know this. Doesn’t matter, “the state” is taking control of hemp-based “medicine” across the world and only those with the connections and deep pockets need apply.


It’s up to us, and it’s up to small American and European business owners like Marjan (brave, resilient founder & owner of Hemp for Fitness LLC) to either lay down and let this happen or stand up. Make a ruckus. Neither in the US or UK has a judicial body actually created a law to back the DEA or MHRA declarations. The best humble writers like me can do is try our best to educate people, but if I struck it rich I’d gain an audience with Trump or Theresa May (current Prime Minister of the UK) and pay whatever it took.

$100 billion?

$300 billion?

How much would it take to declassify the cannabis family (both Marijuana & Industrial Hemp) and get government out of it altogether? How many lobbyists do the people need? Really?


Is it really that hard to re-engineer our societies to monetize human health instead of sickness? To place more value on individual/collective prosperity and liberty instead of poverty and oppression? Why can’t we seem to optimize the corporate model to benefit the many and the environment vs. the few?

And no, it’s not that hard…if given power I could do it within a year’s time.

We could all but eradicate most of the horrible symptoms of so-called overpopulation by harnessing this one plant and DRAMATICALLY reduce global debt levels as a result of the opiate and fossil fuel-based models.

Anyways, not trying to preach. Bottom line is, finally, hemp-based CBD’s won a small victory. Sort of.


Until next time…