3 Ways to Ensure Your CBD Oil Kicks Ass!


As the recreational legalization and medical cannabis revolutions spread across the globe, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure you’re getting safe and effective Cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

I was absolutely floored after devouring Project CBD’s special industry report called, “Hemp Oil Hustlers” which is 33 pages long, incredibly in-depth and mind-shattering.

If you have some time on your hands, I courage you to read it as well. I was so moved, I had to write this blog and do my part to not only let you know that our CBD oil is rigorously tested, but give you ways to empower yourself down the road as a consumer or seller.

For an easier to digest breakdown of the report, check out David Downs’s article “Ask Legalization Nation” on East Bay Express.

First, Some Perspective

The demand for CBD hemp oil and CBD products is skyrocketing in the US and across Europe. Did you know that this year, 2014, marks the first year in quite some time that industrial hemp has been grown in the US for research purposes?

HUGE things are happening! Huge money is moving. Huge shifts are taking place.

Truth is, the “big dogs” are starting to direct their industrial machine towards mass production. And with mass production, potency will inevitably be diluted. Not too many moons from now, there will be legions of small, medium and large mainstream brands offering you “the best and most potent CBD oil/products in the known universe.”

Here’s just the tip of the ice berg. It’s a snippet from a recent press release out of Coral Springs where cannabinoid science advancements have brought a prominent research company into stage 2 clinical trials:

“ETST [Earth Science Tech, Inc.] intends to invest upwards of $600,000.00 in order to secure and develop multiple patents and conduct clinical trials of the Cannabidiol Compounds.”

That’s a drop in the bucket folks. Let’s talk about 3 steps you can take to protect yourself and your money…

#1: Apply some Digital Elbow Grease

Modern grocery shoppers know better than to rely on nifty packaging and outlandish claims…

We no longer just grab the first thing with bells and whistles…

We all understand that cheap, poorly made vitamins are useless…

Maybe it’s easy when we’re talking about spaghetti sauce, but CBD oil is a very complex medicinal supplement. No one’s saying you need to stay up nights for the next month doing research, but either a) investigate a single company like HempforFitness.com until you find one you can verify and trust or b) find someone who can do it for you that’s a bit more savvy with the web.

#2: Focus on Quality of CBD over Quantity

40-60% is, for now, the average for high-grade CBD oil. But, this can come with a hefty price tag because of what it takes to reach these levels in terms of production. We have oils that range from 15.9%, 24%, and 50%. So we run the gambit because we understand that people have different needs.

Here’s the facts:

“Just because a product contains a certain percentage of CBD, ie: 40%,  doesn’t mean that it’s high quality! Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality; a low quantity CBD, ie: 24% CBD , can be just as, if not more effective, than a high quantity of CBD!”

And don’t be shocked if you see someone trying to sell you 70-80-90% nonsense. That just really isn’t out there right now, not realistically. Primarily because hemp-based CBD oil is the norm vs. cannabis-based (much higher potency derived from flowers or buds). Once cannabis-based CBD oil goes mainstream, and it will, then the potency levels and the entire quagmire for consumers will get dramatically more complex.

The sooner you find your go-to source for verified and effective hemp oil, the easier it’s going to be down the road when CBD becomes a household ingredient in many common products.

#3: Look for Authentic Social Proofing

No one can claim that CBD oil, regardless of its source or potency, is a cure. Does it cure and help people? Absolutely.

But, like any medicine, it doesn’t work as well or the same way for everyone. Over the next year the amount of online customer reviews for CBD oils and products will increase 10 fold, if not more.

Look to those as well. In fact, really hone in on testimonials from people who are using certain oils. For example we’ve already begun collecting feedback and stories from customers who’re used our oils and experiencing fabulous results! Nothing beats these. Nothing can. This company came about because of the results the owner’s father experienced using CBD oil to elongate his life after being diagnosed with brain cancer!

Conclusion: Research, Focus on Verified Quality & Social Proofing

Moving forward, these are your most powerful tools. Use the net to do your research, thoroughly, instead of falling for nifty looking websites with all the bells and whistles and outlandish claims.
Don’t be dazed by big huge numbers and percentage signs essentially promising unreasonable results.

If you have any questions regarding potency, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Thanks for reading!